Josiah (seated, front center) about 1902 with his BYU  physics students and apparatus. 
                                                      His sister Laura Hickman is seated to his left.                         Picture provided by Karen Bush.                                                       .

Excerpts from the
Journals of Josiah E. Hickman
about the Hickman Family

  There was a time when being a Hickman was nothing to be proud of.  The heroic acts Bill had performed in the early days of the Mormons in Utah were forgotten and replaced in the public mind by the numbing words of the book Brigham' s Destroying Angel, which was reprinted in large numbers by a Salt Lake City anti-Mormon press.  The Hickman family was scattered, and few knew what to do with the fact that they were Hickmans living in a Mormon culture. 

   The man who began to pull the family back together was the son of George Washington Hickman, a respectable college professor and friend of top LDS Church leaders.  He kept a detailed diary, and the following excerpts, extracted by great-granddaughter Vivian Karen Bush detail Josiah's tireless efforts, which were extended to all who bore the Hickman name.  

Sept 20, 1891... I received a telegram that my sister's child (Othello), is dead. I am very, very sorry to hear the sad news and I wrote her (Eunice) and husband a long letter of condolance which I hope will make them feel better.

Nov. 8, 1891... By letter I hear my mother is better from sore eyes.

Mar. 6, 1892... I am sorely troubled to learn of my dear Father's sickness and of my sister Josephine and Bro. inlaw leaving and going into Wyoming to live.

Mar. 13, 1892... This week has been examination and nearly all of the students have done well, but some few have failed. My brother Chas. and David Prows have failed and by their evil acts have left the Academy in disgrace. Both have been breaking the rules of the academy in different ways. Chas., has sworn, taking God's name in vain in the hearing of students and teachers. he has promised time and time again to do different; but has failed in every instance. I could not trust him to his work and leave him and have it done as I directed for he would deceive at the first opportunity. He has written home and deceived the folks. I have counseled him, persuaded him, shown him of the many ways he has disobeyed; have promised to pray for him, asked him to pray and be humble, showed (tried to) him what he had at stake, anxiety of parents, etc. but to all of no avail. I told him I would go to the ends of the earth, yes lay my life down for him if he would try and be a man. I told him he could not go home without an honorable release and that one could not be granted before he had completed his examination which he had failed in. He said that he was not going to school but was going home and I told him then to pile up his things and go for I would try no more with him for I owed not another word of advice nor kindness, no did the Academy owe him any more favors. I am grief stricken over this, but he will not know it. But may God, open the way so he will drink the sorrow of his actions and in such a degree that he will be glad to come back and repent of all his wrongs.

Mar. 20, 1892 .... My brother Chas., has come back, repented of all and asked forgiveness of teachers and board and is now back in the Academy working hard trying to redeem himself. I am most happy.

Mar. 27, 1892... My brother Francis, went to get married Sat. to Hattie Douglas. God, bless them in their life's journey.

Jan. 1, 1893... I have rec'd a letter from my Father, stating Ma's foot and hand were much worse. I am grieved to know Charlie, is going estray.

Jan. 29, 1893... I learn ma, is very bad with erysipelas in her foot.  I have written home for all of us to fast from next Sat. noon till Sun. eve and pray for her. I humbly trust and pray that our faith will be rewarded by her speedy recovery. ... I have of late rec'd letters from Pa, Josephine,

Feb. 36, 1893... I must not forget our fasting and praying on the 3 and 4 of this month for the recovery of my mother who was very sorely troubled with her foot and ankle that (through Erysipelas) had been very bad for nearly a year and threatened amputation of her leg. Almost immediately during and after our fast her foot was appearently made well; and we greatly rejoiced over the healing through our Father's kindness. (Time proved the healing was complete in 24 hours.)

March 5, 1893 -- Rec'd letter from Francis, says ma's foot is well. he is trying to live a humble life and is working very hard.

March 12, 1893 ... I have recd letters from home stating that all is well except Ma's eye and ear.... Bro. Brimhall is here from Payson and he is the first mormon missionary I ever met in the world.

Aug. 15, 1893... Rec'd letter from Pa telling of the hard times at home and through the U.S.

Sept. 3, 1893... Ma's foot is nearly well again and she has gone to Provo to cook for the children while they attend school.

Sept. 24, 1893... Wrote to Ma. Laura and Francis. I am happy to record Ma's foot is well again and Francis health has improved. While fasting for them and for my eyes permanent cure and when in secret prayer in the grove, the spirit of god came upon me and consoled me and promised me that I should receive that for which I asked and so verily I believe my prayer has been answered to the very letter.

Oct. 1, 1893... Bro. Cluff, speaks very highly of my sister Laura.

Oct. 8, 1893... I rec'd letters from Pa and all were well at time of writing. Josephine has a fine boy and doing well. Ma and children are in Provo, children going to school.

Oct. 22, 1893... I have rec'd letter from Francis and he is doing well and is trying with all his might to live a pure and god fearing life. Charlie is turning away from all council and advice of parents and teachers and roams the streets. I am told. Bros. Cluff and Brimhall are praising Laura, as one of the nicest girls and has the promise of making a model teacher.

Nov. 26, 1893 -- Since writing before my dear father has died. O what sorrow is greater than the sorrow of departed parents? I rec'd three telegrams of his sickness and death. They read: 1. "Father is past recovery". 2. "Father says tell Josiah all well. few days, pray always." 3. "Father died last night 10 o'clock (Nov. 24) funeral at 2' oclock Sunday."  No human tongue can describe my sorrow. I could not go home to see him.I do not know what nature of his sickness as I have not had time to receive a letter. This following letter is a copy of the one I have just written to Ma and bros. and sisters: (Nov. 26, 1893) My Dear Mother Brothers and Sisters: I received the heart-rending news last night (Sat.) O what a woeful home! Can it be possible that Pa, has passed away from earth? O my father my father, how many hundred times have I looked forward with unbounded joy when I could again meet pa and tell him what I had accomplished here upon this mission and to tell him I had remained true and faithful. If I could have seen him once more I would have freely sacrificed any thing I possessed of this earth. I was so hopeful of his recovery after receiving that second telegram and in the evening sat down and wrote to you and Pa a letter. That night which I wrote, was the night that he died. About one o'clock or little after that time, the same night I was awakened by some influence telling me Pa was dead. My heart felt like lead and I quivered all over. I I tried to pray and convince myself that the impression was false. I went to sleep and again at 5 o'clock I awoke and the impression came again that Pa was dead. I told Ella I had been impressed that Pa was dead. So counting the difference of time between this place and home I find it is about 3 hours. That would make it one o'clock here when it was 10 there. I am convinced it was my guarding angel informing me of Pa's death. I have received Francis' letter of the 20th and his impression of sorrow were correct.  We sat here last night in deep gloom and knowing that we were perfectly powerless seemed to make it worse. I again and again relieved my life and to know and realize I had no father seemed unendurable. I have for years dreaded this time knowing that I would have to face this blighted sorrow some time. How long was Pa sick? Did he realize till the last? Did he leave any word or converse with you before he died/ Do write everything connected with his sickness and death. Oh, if I could have only been there! Ella, dreamed last night she saw Pa kneeling and praying to our Heavenly Father pleading that He would comfort his sorrowing family for he said he could not rest in peace while they were grieving so. he repeated the same prayer several times. As I now write you are holding the last sad rite of earth.  O, if I could only tell my feelings to you in this letter these words would weep tears and these pages would reach the sobs and moans that convulse my heart. Think of the noble life Pa has led!  I have never known him to deceive nor to profane the name of God, his morals were above reproach, and his honesty unquestionable far and near. With all his trials and hardships he has ever remained faithful to the Gospel and his covenants and with a prophetic eye for the future, he has passed on to the third great stage in the onward progress of perfection. We with the deepest sorrow that can convulse the human soul regret that he has been called to that advance state of progression. O, my dear Ma, Pa, has gone to do a work in the heavens for us. he was the first to come on earth to call his family from the heavens and he has now gone to prepare a home in the eternal city of the heavens, that we one by one, may be gathered there. he will plan for thirteen children and a dear companion who has battled side by side with him through nearly all the trials of his life. Will any one of us fail to fill the place he prepared for us? Forbid that any of us will turn aside or fail to reach our father's home. If I could I would go and help him prepare that home. But no, our work is not done here. We must finish our earthly labors. None of us can rest. I Let us work with double interest and earnestness till we are as well prepared to depart this life as our dear father was. Who of us would not long for a counseling word from him? Who would not give all our income from dream lands for one touch of his hand on our cheek? Then my dear brothers and sisters just recall the recent advice of pa and appropriate it to your selves for his counsel is still the same. O cherish his memory and teachings for they will live forever. Write his sayings and counsel that they may be kept within our family to be handed down to his children's children. Let us be humble and long suffering.  I ask if I have ever done or said any thing to injure any one of you to be forgiven. Let us make new covenants and ever to remain by them.  I ask that all of you write to me and tell me your feelings and resolutions and I will keep them for after years. Write soon to me for I am hungry for a letter from each one of you. Charley and Leslie, comfort and Ma and aid her, for her grief and trials will be more than she can endure.  Is there even not a joy mingled with our deep sorrow when we think of Pa's meeting and calling together the three little boys that have died, also Ella and Edna and caring for and telling them what we have been doing here on earth? He also can go and meet his dear father and mother whom he loved as dearly as we love him. O as I give this counsel my heart is breaking with grief. You that are at home remember me for you had the blessing of seeing Pa to the last. Accept thise tear stained pages for I can write no more for my life my hopes and my aims are all crushed to earth. O, Ma, be comforted, I will do all in my power to aid and bless you. With prayer, I send this letter to all of you. Truly J.E.H.

Have rec'd letters from Francis and Martha, Francis, sent me $20...

Dec. 17, 1893 -- Have rec'd letter from Francis telling of Pa's sickness and death.  O how sad! Pa died of pneumonia. Francis says Pa realized from the first that his time had come and that he spoke of it several times during his sickness.

Jan. 28, 1894.... Have rec'd letters from Ma and Francis. Ma has 8 boarders in Provo. Francis sent me $40. They are well at home. But all sorrowful over the death of our husband and father.

Feb. 11, 1894... I have rec'd letters from ... Josephine.... I learn from Bro. Anclin that Ma's foot is still bad. He praises Leslie very highly as an excellent boy in all ways.

Feb. 18, 1894... I have reed letters from Laura, Francis and Annie. Laura has been very sick, but is better. Ma's foot is very sore yet. Father in Heaven do heal her from her infirmaties for she has suffered enough. Francis is doing well in his school.

May 13, 1894.... Rec'd letter from Josephine.  She says ma's foot is well again.  I pray it shall remain so.

July 15, 1894.... I learn my sister Eunice has a little girl baby.

Sept. 2, 1894.... Rec'd $50 from Francis, enough to pay part of my debts....

Dec 23, 1894 ... Laura is now teaching in Woodruff, Rich Co., Utah. She likes her work very much.

March 24, 1895 -- Rec'd letters from Ma., Ella and Francis and they are all well at home Francis is doing very well in his school and is much pleased over my success in the contest. He sent me $20. .... Francis is hard for me. I have also rec'd a letter from my dear mother. She is well. She is much worried over the mortgage of the farm.

April 6, 1895 ... I learn that my dear mother has erysipelas in her hand. I am much grieved over it.

April 15, 1895... I have just rec'd a letter from Laura and enclosed $10 from Ma. She says Ma has been poisoned and has been having trouble with Chas and Prof. Nelson.

Apr. 28, 1895.... Rec'd letters from Ella, Martha, Fred Finlayson, and Caroline Smoot. Ella and children are well but Ma's hand is still sore. ... Fred is working in Eureka.

Jun 9, 1895... I rec'd letters from Ella, Martha, Laura and Chloe Haws, my cousin in Lomonia, Iowa. ... Laura wrote me a very cute ironical letter about Annie's kitchen. I had written last Mon. to Uncle Will Haws, of Lamoni Iowa, Ma's brother. He has been there for about 27 years. I rec'd a letter from his daughter, Chloe. They are very anxious that I should come and see them.

St. Joe Missouri, Aug. 23, 1895... Came through Iowa and stopped at Lamoni to see my uncle and aunt and family. I stayed two days and nights with them. I had an excellent visit. They treated me so kindly and were so glad to see me and I was just as pleased to see them. It was sorrowful to leave them. Aunt Tobecca and girls cried they were so deeply grieved to see me leave. I was very sorrowful to leave them and could have wept like a child. Uncle Will Haws desired to come with me.  He says he will come in course of two years.  I visited other friends of Ma's and relatives of theirs.

... I left Lamoni today at noon and reached this place (St. Joe Mo.) about 3 P.M.

... I have been spending my time the remainder of this afternoon trying to find some of Pa's relatives, but have failed so far. There have been a few Hickman here but seem to be all gone except two and they seem to be no relatives of mine....

Logan, Sept 22, 1895... Stopped two days with Thanie Haws...

Sept. 29, 1895... Thaney and Thaley Haws were here for supper this evening. 

Points of my life that I have heretofore omitted:
I am told by my parents that before I was born they had Dan Cloward's son (a boy of 14 yrs) living with them and that he seemed to be affected mentally and would go through strange actions - Hollering, etc. It greatly affected my mother and it seemed as though it would affect her child. The boy was removed from our home before a threatened wrong or injury was stamped on the unborn. It seems Lucifer tried to destroy me before my birth and a thousand times since.

Some 4 1/2 years ago my father said to me, while we were alone, that he once earnestly besought the Lord for a son and if He would give him one, that he would consecrate him to the Lord as Samuel of old was. He said that I was the son born to him about a year after his supplications.

March 28, 1896.... I came to Salt Lake with my brother the next morning and stayed until evening, then I went as far as Ogden with him. Then I parted with him with these words: "Good-bye my brother, I love you dearer than my own life."

My mother who was sick with pneumonia was instantly healed by power of faith. I had a good visit with all of our family. While in Salt Lake, Francis and I hunted up Uncle Warren Hickman; I had not seen him before for over 30 yrs.; also saw Jno. Hickman.

April 12, 1896... Have written to ma. Chas. has been sent away from school but was asked to return by Pres. Cluff, but he would not. Francis started from Philadelphia on steamer for Liverpool some two weeks since, he has become nervous with sights.

Logan, May 24, 1896... Have rec'd letters from Francis; he has arrived in Dresden and seems to be comfortably located. He sent me one of their tracts and to my surprise it was my oration on Banishment of Mormon People. I sent him (Francis) $10.00 May 12, 1896.

Logan, July 2, 1896... I have been home to Provo, Benjamin and Payson, visiting ma, brothers, and sisters. All were well. I saw Hattie Hickman and her folds... Made ma a present of my enlarged photo with frame...

While in Salt Lake saw Uncle Warren. he gave me some of Pa's history, he said Pa was a very good boy at home, obedient and kind to parents. Was a good worker. when he was 21 yrs. of age, he went into Mississippi and taught school 3 yrs. and then returned home and afterwards he went to medical school. Warren said their father was a quiet man, very honest and industrious and was highly respected by neighbors. he was very handy and did everything for his comfort, making shoes, cobbling, etc. etc. He was a man that could never touch one of his children when not in anger, but when he was mad whipped his children very hard. Their mother (my grandma) was very neat, ladylike and a person who never spoke evil about anyone nor permitted it in her children.

Logan, July 26, 1896... Sent $3.00 to Hattie Hickman. She has a black-haired girl. Willard Done and wife were here today; also T. Haws wife and her two sisters.

Aug. 25, 1896, Preston, Idaho... I met one of Uncle William Hickman's wives who left him and married Byington. She had two children from Uncle -- boy and girl. The girl died after bearing two children. Aunt's son by Uncle was at her place. his name was Brigham. Aunt's name is Hannah.

Sep. 20, 1896, Preston, Idaho.... Rec'd letter from W. Z. Hickman in answer to my inquiry about relationship. ...

Sep. 27, 1896... Rec'd letter from Laura asking for $6.00 for her schooling. I sent her $7.00.

Oct. 11, 1896, Preston, Idaho... Rec'd letters from ... Chas. Hickman. He and Evans are not coming to school. He gets married soon. I sent him $5.00 as he asked for it. My cousin Chloe Hawes is married.

Nov. 17, 1896, Preston, Idaho... Have rec'd letters from Laura learning Annie and Josephine and family have been ill, but are now improving.

Dec. 30, 1896, Preston, Idaho: Ma once said to me that when pa was young, he was the prettiest man in the mountains.

I sent Hattie Hickman $5.00. ...

.... Wrote to Francis and sent him $19.50.I recd a letter from him a few days since.  He was in very destitute circumstances, but is having success on his mission. He seems to speak with considerable fluency the German language.

Jan. 17, 1897, Preston, Idaho: ... I rec'd a letter from Francis dated dec. 26, 1896 and he was in great distress. I was deeply grieved over it. It was my fault. I hastened and sent him $13 more.

June 9, 1897, Preston, Idaho... Rec'd letters from Laura and Francis. He is doing well. He gave a prophecy over the heads of one of his missionary companions and a young German girl claiming (prophesying) that she would be his companion's wife...

Aug. 6, 1897, Soda Springs, Idanha Hotel... .. I met James Hickman & his mother. I never saw her before. Also saw Uncle Warren.

Sept. 22, 1897... Sent Francis $20 about the first of this month.  Ma got seriously hurt by being dragged by a cow.

Dec. 12, 1897, Preston, Idaho... Leslie Hickman has come to go to school rest of year. he is 18 yrs old.

Feb. 6, 1898, Preston, Idaho... While in Salt Lake last July, Uncle Warren Hickman gave me the following information. My great grandmother, Uncle Warren's grandmother, was a 3rd cousin to John Q. Adams. The Hickman family came from Eng. in 1662 with Wm. Penn. There were 3 brothers of them, viz: James, William and John. One stopped in Penn. and the other two went to Vir. and N. Carolina. We are the direct descendants from the latter. (Note in border written later - "This is not wholly correct.") General Wm. Isbell (I am not certain this not correct spelling) was of Geo. Washington's staff. He was my great, great uncle. Edwin Hickman was also my great, great uncle. He too fought through the Revolution and died at the age of 97 years.

Dec 31, 1898... Rec'd letters from Leah Daniels telling us her ma had a tumor in her breast and desires us to fast with them, all beginning this evening and continueing till tomorrow evening at sundown.

Jan. 15, 1899... We completed our fast and we learn through letter that the tumor in Annie's breast is rapidly disappearing. The ladies that blessed her spoke in tongues; that is, one of them spoke in tongues and one of the others interpreted it. It was a very nice blessing.

Apr. 23, 1899... Uncle Nathaniel Haws died April 15 and Ella and I went to the funeral last Wed.  I was one of the speakers at the funeral. It was held in the 6th Ward meeting house. Uncle Jos. Tanner was the only relative, outside of the family, except Ella and I that came any distance to the funeral. There was a large funeral -- 20 vehicles formed the cortege. Uncle was 68 yrs. of age. His family feels very bad. I understand Eunice has another baby -- the kingdom rolls on.

May 7, 1899.... I have rec'd a letter from Francis. He desires about $80 more. He starts home about July 1. He has been sick for two weeks but was suddenly healed through administration. He is now attending the University of Geneva, Switzerland....

July 10, 1899, Benjamin, Utah.... I went with our folks up to Payson on the 4th of July. We had a nice time. Leslie won the bicycle race and got two pair of shoes. ... yesterday (Sun.) we went out to Eunice's.

Aug. 13, 1899, Benjamin... Francis has arrived home (July 18). Our meeting was most emotional; tears ran for joy. He succeeded well on his mission. He did well in the Fr. and German languages. He is the first Hickman that ever went and preached the Gospel to the nations of the earth. Leslie is now called and will be, most likely, the next to go on a mission.  he has gone to Mammoth to get work so he can go on his mission next April. Francis was given a warm welcome home by Benj. Ward. They had a supper and entertainment for him.

Sep. 10, 1899, Benjamin... Helped Chas. stack wheat. Yesterday helped fix the cellar... I learn Hyrum Hickman, my cousin, has been suffocated in a mine at Stockton. He and his brother James lived at our home when they were small boys. Hy and I are about the same age...

Dec. 10, 1899... Fri. night I took train for Eureka.... I stayed with Fred Finlayson and Leslie.... I met there Geo. Hickman and most all of his family. John his son and once the pride of his family, had gone astray thru too much disgrace his family by his conduct. He's now in Butte City, Montana.

Jan. 24, 1900, Provo, Utah: ... While in Richfield I saw for a few minutes Ed Clark my cousin. He is tending bar in a saloon. I learned from him Will was tending bar in Monroe. I was sorry to learn this. Their lives are being wasted. I Neither knows the gospel. ed says he would like to know the gospel was true. If he could know he would live it.

Feb. 10, 1900, Provo... have been out of school one day (Fri.) on account of Annie's sickness. She has been real sick since last Mon. I have been there three nights in succession all night. We administered many times to alleviate her distress which was terrific at times. She is better today but very weak. ma came night before last (12:20 a.m.) with buggy.

Mar 4, 1900, Provo... Annie is well again. Ma was herewith her for several days. Josephine has been sick but is better....

Sat. June 2, ... I hunted up Joseph Hickman, Uncle William's son. he and his wife were very pleased to see mr. This is the second time I ever saw him...

July 28, 1901... While in Salt Lake I met again Uncle Warren Hickman (Pa's bro.). He is almost a pauper without family, home or means....

Family History:

Four of Uncle Warren 's brothers studied medicine. They all attended the Electric Medical College, Cincinnati, Ohio. Pa practiced one or two yrs. in Memphis, Scotland Co., Mo.

Dec. 15, 1901... I visited my father's grave for the first time in my life. he has a beautiful monument erected over his grave by my mother....

May 11, 1902, Provo... Laura had a narrow escape from drowning the other night as she stepped off from the train at Benj. switch. She fell in a deep ditch of water and went in the flume and was pulled out by Bro. LeRoy Stevens....

June 30, 1902, Provo... Have rec'd two letters from Pres. Ben E. Rich concerning Leslie. he has typhoid fever and is in the hospital at Chattanooga. Leslie's 1st counsellor arrived here Friday just from Leslie and says he is getting along nicely. Leslie was brought by him in a baggage car (no sleeper on train) from Columbia, S.C. to Chattanooga.

Ma is almost sick over the news...

Mar. 13. 1904, Milford... At Joseph S. Hickman's home... Joseph has a very interesting family. He is doing well financially. He is city marshall. While arresting a tough character he had a finger shot off but he shot the fellow thru the shoulder.

... Deseret, Joseph, Phebe and Roda were the four children of Uncle Billy's from his wife Sarah Mecham. This wife left him soon after he returned from California (about 1868). She afterwards married John Franks. Uncle's wife Jane left him soon after Sarah did....

Sep. 21, 1904 -- My sister Laura is attending the Chicago University. I feel she is one of Utah's best lady teachers.

Oct. 9, 1904...1 re'd a letter from Mrs. Margarett Ganser of Pocatello. She is Uncle Wm. Hickman's daughter. her mother's name is manerva. her (Ganser's) son Driscoll is attending school here; also Luke Hickman's son is attending here. Jos. H's son attended here last yr. This makes 4 grandsons and one son of Uncle William Hickman who have attended here. James Hickman was Uncle William's son.

Oct. 2, 1905.. When I got to Manti, I saw in the paper that my brother Charles had shot off two of his fingers and part of his hand...

July 8, 1906... I met some three weeks ago Uncle Warren Hickman in Salt Lake. he is a broken down man -- full of disease (cancer of lip, I think). He is a sad record of an ill-spent life. He was a deputy marshall during "the raid" and hunted down our people. It looks like the curse of God was upon him as it is and has been upon nearly, if not quite all, that hunted down our people. he has spent a life mostly in saloons and gambling dens. he never was married and is now homeless, childless and friendless eking out a miserable existence from hand to mouth cleaning out saloons, etc.

We have just had the estate probated and Ma made sole guardian and director of it. She will apportion it to all the children but use all of the estate as long as she lives.

Aug. 27, 1907, Salt Lake: I am here helping nurse Francis who is down with a severe case of typhoid. I came up last Wed. (Aug. 22). He is getting as well as can be expected under conditions.... He also has a light case of tuberculosis which he mostly likely contracted while on his mission in Germany.

July 23, 1907.... I learned thru Ma and Uncle Jackson Stewart that Grandpa Elijah Haws was born in Indiana; Grandma Catherine Haws was born in maryette, Ohio. They were married in Beardstown, III. They moved to Iowa in 1838 near Columbus not far from Des Moines River.
They moved to Nauvoo in Nov. 1844 and left in May 1846 and moved to Council Bluffs and lived there 8 yrs. and then came to Utah.

Sept. 6, 1908... Leslie Hickman came up for a few hrs. last Fri. to visit us. He is doing well with his brickyard.

Oct 11, 1908, Beaver... On the road to S.L. I stopped off at Benjamin for all of us bros. and Sisters had planned a great surprise for Ma. We succeeded for the surprise was most complete. We had a day of rejoicing and feasting. We gave Ma a fine book case and secretary, also 25 or 30 bks. While there we administered to Aunt Lydia Haskell. She had been stricken for some months with a paralytic stroke of one side. She could walk with difficulty and could only raise her right arm part way to her head. Leslie anointed her and I confirmed the anointing. Within an hour after the administration she could walk without limping or difficulty.  She also could raise her hand to her head and even put her hand right on top of her head. She could talk better.In fact she and (& felt) as tho she was well. She had been fasting that day for the purpose of having us administer to her.

Benjamin, Dec. 1, 1908
Dear Josiah, your long looked for letter is at hand and found me well & happy. everything is lovely here; snow deep & weather cold. chickens laying, hogs & calves fattening, and old Jersey giving cream. So you see how I give thanks. I ate dinner with Charley & Littie on Thanksgiving day. They are well. charley is still hauling beets; he finished digging before the storm. We will get part of our money this month about the 15th and I can pay you all I owe you. Send or bring your account when you come....

I am glad all the children are doing so well in school. (speaking of a book cupboard & books we made her a present of last Oct. she says: I can't thank you children enough. When I think what I have got to be thankful for-- my many blessings & above all my children. To think they never forget me I can't be thankful enough. The Lord has blessed me as well as tried me. I have thought some times that my troubles were more than I could bear, but time wears away trouble. I hope I shall never see any more. Let me know when you are coming and I will meet you. Love and best wishes to all.  Your loving mother, Lucy A. Hickman.

Dec 31. 1911... I learn Jackson Stewart is dead at 93 yrs. of age. he married my aunt but made a wreck of his life. he was very dishonest having swindled & underhandedly robbed where ever he could; he was a pleasant liar, etc. He stabbed to death his own nephew (Rufus Stuart) many years ago. While they were quarreling. Rufus stepped on my bare toes which I remember hurt fearfully bad. I was a child of 5 or 6 yrs old when Jackson stabbed Rufus; they took him in our home. He died in terrible agony thru strangulation of his own blood. The scene was terrible.

May 8, 1913, Logan... I had a visit from Warren Hickman -- uncle Wm's son from his wife (Wade). I had not seen him before. He is quite an interesting character. He is 50 yrs old. He owns about 4000 acres of land out in the Corlew valley.  I have over 2 hrs. visit with him.

Aug. 7, 1913 ... Leslie & his wife are called upon a mission to the Sandwich Isles.  Mother is nearly broken hearted over it. She feels she will never see him again. I have tried to console her & tell her she will.

Oct. 4, 1913... We had a surprise on Mother yesterday in honor of her birthday. She was 75 yrs. old. We had the supper at Josephines. Leslie came & got us & returned us in his auto.

July 6, 1914... I was up to see mother night before last & she is well & active. She & Laura have 10 roomers & 5 of them are boarding with Mother. I was always taught to call my parents -- Pa & Ma....

Oct. 11, 1914... Warren Hickman & wife were here 10 days ago. I went in their auto to Deweyville with them & took the train from there to S.L. He is a real fine man. He own 4700 acres of land & 400 of cattle.

Oct 25, 1914, Logan... I have Mrs. Vanderhoof & husband from Snowville, Ut. She is uncle Wm. Hickman's daughter by Minerva Wade his 4th wife, I believe. She has had 15 children. She raised all but one. I also met Warren Hickman again.

Aug. 18, 1915, Provo.... met cousin James B. Hickman (whome I hand not seen for 20 yrs.)... He is 50 yrs old & has a wife & three children living -- two are dead. his mother is still living. She is getting quite aged & feeble. Her maiden name was Jane Heatherington. She came from Mosco, Michigan. She is the last of her mother's family living. James, or none of his family belong to the church.

May 24, (mon.)... My aunt Lois Clark was buried to day. The services were in the 3rd ward Provo at 12 M. I did not learn of her death until too late to take train for funeral... Mother & uncle Wm. are the only two left of grandmother & grandfather haws' children....

Oct. 14, 1912... I went to benjamin. All the brothers and sisters except Francis were there. Annie & her daughter Leah went with me from here.

Ma had been having a splendid visit with her brothers Jason & William Haws. She had not seen Jason for about 20 or 25 yrs; she had not seen Wm. for 45 yrs. While she was reveling in her visit with them her sons and daughters walked in on her. The surprise was complete.  It was two days after her 74 birthday. We three in and get her a fine 521.00 coat. Eunice gave her a nice glass set of pitcher & tumblers. We all brought our picnic and the feast was a complete success. We all stayed there over night & Leslie & wife (Olive), Martha & I returned to Provo next morning. Josephine & her little boy came back in the afternoon. Aunt Louis was there. I just learned from Annie Daniels that aunt Lois had told uncle Will that Ma got all the dishes, cattle, property, etc. of grandpas, but he was told the real truth of the affair. Aunt Louis got everything that belonged to grandpa & grandma. This is public knowledge of all neighbors & most of the relatives.  Grand Pa had between 25 & 30 head of cattle, household, furniture, etc. also some horses.

Nov. 28, 1915, Provo, Ut. I was called home last Wed. due to Mother's severe illness. her life has been almost dispared of. In some ways she is a little better... Mother has bronchial trouble & Lagrip. This is the sickest she has ever been before. She has given up about all hope of recovery. All her children have come. Francis returned home last night.

Dec. 12, 1915... mother was sinking rapidly & asked to have all her children come again. We all arrived there as soon as possible. Again we renewed our faith & got mother to say she would try & live if we all desired it. As soon as we had all united she began to recover & is still improving...

Dec 29, 1916... I record here the sad death of Chloe Palmer Francis' second wife.... Tho there was some what of a strained condition between him & her, he is nearly heart broken. He feels he can't endure her sad death under such conditions. I can't tell when I have felt so badly over the death of any one of my relatives or friends....

Feb. 5, 1918... Mother fell & fractured her hip. The Dr. thinks she will not recover if her leg is broken.

April. 14, 1918... Mother is not well & is gradually failing.  It looks as tho she was not long for this world. Yet her mind is excellent & it is phenomenal how well she remembers virtually every thing. I have scarcely ever met a woman of her age who has such a keen memory of the long past as well as the present.

Oct. 29, 1918... I went to Mother's birthday dinner (80 yrs old).

Nov. 10, 1918... I visited Aunt Minerva Hickman who is bedfast & is 90 yrs. old. She is Warren's mother. Her mind is bright her hearing & eyesight are splendid but she is weak & the lamp of life is lowly flickering out.

Dec. 25, 1918... Sister Manervia Hickman, Uncle Wm. Hickman's wife died Mon. at the age of 90 yrs. She is to be buried tomorrow at 1. p.m. and I am going to North Ogden to attend the funeral.

Dec 30, 1918 ... Went to North Ogden & spoke to the funeral of Aunt Minerva.We held the services at her home due to the ban on public gatherings, due to the influenza... She was laid away in the most sumptuous shroud & coffin. Warren (her son) & his wife had done in life & death all they could to give comfort while living & showed all respect in death. All of Aunts living children were there except Ella Kolhepp. The others living are Warren, Mrs. Francis Vanderhoff & Survivor. Many splendid things were said of Aunt concerning her life & works.

April. 20, 1919... I went to Provo and visited Mother and Laura. Mother's health is failing and she is ill every 3 or 4 days for a day or so...

July 20, 1919... Mother's health is not very good. Laura was ill with a tough of heart trouble -- it seems. We stayed with Leslie & Olive two nights.

Aug. 23, 1919... Francis recd a divorce from Hattie Douglas Hickman, his first wife. Probably it is truer to say that she got the divorce but it was at his request.  It is sad to see families separate as they, yet their lives have not been the most happy & probably it will be better all around.  He will now come back from Cali. where he has been for 3 yrs. studying in the University. He has done some of this work for his Ph.D.

Oct. 8, 1919... It was Mother's birthday. She is 81 yrs. old. When we arrived we found Francis had arrived there from Berkley Thos. & Eunice, and Josephine also Leslie & Olive were all there for Mother's birthday. Laura had dinner almost ready when we arrived. Chas. & Annie were the only ones of mother's children not there. We had a nice visit & Mother was very happy.

Her health is not very good, tho her mind is very bright. She has the most vivid memory of events of yesterday or last yr., or, for that matter , a most accurate memory of nearly three quarters of a century.

Oct. 20, 1919... I met W.W. Riter of Salt Lake (the banker). He said he knew father & uncle Wm also uncle Jefferson who visited this country in the early days. He said that he was in Pres. Young's office the last time Wrn Hickman ever visited Pres. Young. It was the time Wm. was going to Windriver, Wyo. to live. Pres. Young said: "Wm I am going to give you some hard advice to carry out. Go and do right". It makes me sad to think & know of uncle's turning into sin & folly. W.W. Riter said that he never met a kinder hearted man & more generous than Wm. Hickman.

Oct. 27, 1919... I learn from Warren Hickman that in his father's diary he says that he my father (Geo. W. Hickman) met at Green River going to Cali. to practice medicine. (He had his diploma to practice medicine). Uncle Wm. said he had not seen Geo. for 12 yrs. He says that he got Geo. to stop over winter with him & that he was converted to mormonism. I wish to say here that father was a very honorable and honest man. He was a man who never spoke ill of men. He was contemplative, but not moody if I can judge him. The older he grew the more spiritual minded he became. He was a great believer in the scriptures. His word was his hand & men admired him for his honor & learning. He loved & made much of children & they loved. him.

Feb. 1, 1920.... I learned Warren Hickman of Ogden is very ill with pneumonia... Leslie & Olive have both been down with flu... I just phoned Ogden and find Warren is better but has been very low.

Feb. 6, 1920... Leslie phones that mother has the "flu" but some better. The "flu" is sweeping all over the state. A number are dying.

Feb. 15, 1920... Mother is better again; but Warren w. Hickman of Ogden died Feb. 8 (Sun morning at 1 a.m.) of pneumonia and was buried following Tues. I spoke at the funeral. A splendid spirit prevailed in the services. His wife is bearing up well & feels the Lord's will be done.

Apr. 18, 1920.. I stayed at vie Hickman's place. He is Uncle Wm. Hickman's son. he was named Survivor by his father because the two other children had died & his father felt that he (Vie) would live, hence the name.

July 23, 1920... Laura is hired to teach in the B.. Unit. next yr. for $2000.00. She is a most excellent teacher. She has few equals in her line.

Sept. 12, 1920... I have just written Mother thanking her for the splendid center piece she has crocheted for me. It is about 3 ft. in diameter and took many weeks to complete. It is worth and represents over $100.00 in work. I am grateful for it. It makes me feel half sad that she did the mammoth piece of work. She is nearly 82 yrs. of age. To think of hands toiling over 4 score yrs. and yet doing this work for me....

Dec. 20, 1920.. Eunice (my sister) is to under go an operation for a tumor.

Jan. 11, 1921... Mother is better. Haven't heard from Eunice, I blessed her and told her she would know by Tues. whether she could be healed without operation.

Apr. 12, 1921... I have a few hrs. visit with mother and Laura. mother is better now. She is so weak she can walk around but little. Her mind has the brilliancy of youth. her memory is as detailed in its recall as a young person.

September 17, 1920
Dear Josiah & Martha, we received your letter & glad to hear from you. Weare all well now & Laura is in school early & late. Francis & family are well. Olive & children have the hooping cough. I received a card from Othello, he is well. The pain has entirely left Zina & she is happy. Tell Annie we are all well & that is the best news I can send. I should like to see you all. Love to all. There isn't any news to write. Write often. We want to hear from you. Your loving Mother, Lucy Hickman.

May 22, 1921... I learn mother is very sick. Laura phoned and asked us to pray for her.

June 5, 1921... dear Mother is dead and buried. Laura phoned Fr. (May 27) saying mother is very bad and if we had any faith for me to come. So Anna and I took the 6 p.m. Interurban train and got to Provo at 2 a.m. We found Mother suffering very much. We exercised our faith and administered 2 or 3 times to her but her suffering was only partly removed. I sat up until 6 a.m. with mother. She seemed some easier & slept a little. At 8 a.m. Leslie called me and ask I get up and that we administer to her again. So we did.  I went back to bed again.  In course of an hr.  Laura called Dr. Taylor to come up.  He came up and gave mother a hypodermic injection. Mother went to sleep and never awoke.  We watched her peacefully pass away.  All of her children stood about her bed-side except Charles. He had not yet arrived form Benjamin. Mother died at 2:35 p.m. Sat. May 28.

Though we were all mature men and women we stood about our dead mother and wept as children. O, we loved her so dearly. She was so noble, such an intellectual light even to the last week of her life. She looked so sweet as she lay there at rest. Resting from more than four score years of incessant toil. She would have been 83 yrs. of age the 3 or next Oct. had she lived.

We all felt deeply for Laura who has sacrificed her life for mother's comfort. She was so tender and thoughtful for mother's wants and every comfort. We all, except Laura, have families to take our minds, but poor Laura will go back to her home desolate and full of uncomforted grief for Mother is gone. Laura has almost worked herself to death to keep up with her classes in the B.Y.U. and care for mother and the houses in general for there have been 3 houses to look after. The main home has long since been deeded to Laura for her years of toil & sacrifices for Mother. Mother had continued her fancy work up to -- within four days of her death. She had probably $500.00 of fancy knit & crocheted work still on hand at her death.

We held the funeral May 30 (decoration day) at 2 P.M. in the 4th ward at Provo. Prof. Reinhardt Maeser offered the opening prayer. John Hand came from S.L. and sang two solos.  Miss Florence Jepperson and her double quartet furnished the rest of the music.  Bro. W.E. Rydolch came from S.L. and spoke at the funeral also Henry S. Tanner. they both spoke so highly of Mother. They knew her so well.

Bp. Johnson of Benjamin and his son Dr. Johnson spoke so feelingly of Mother's her life. It was she who had inspired Dr. Johnson to push to the front. it was she who convinced Bp. Johnson he should make every sacrifice to school his son.

As Bp. Johnson reviewed Mother's life as he knew her and what she meant to him & his family he wept and, could with the greatest effort complete his remarks.

Bp. Alfred Booth was the last speaker. He said he had never in his life heard such a wonder euology of any woman and he felt that every word was true which had been uttered of Mother. yes, every word was true and yet not a thousandth part of what she had done, which went to make up greatness was told.

At the request of the family I sat down and sketched off hurriedly a brief of what mother had done which was read by H.S. Tanner at the funeral.

We took Mother to Payson and buried her beside father and their five children who were buried there.... The flora tributes were very rich and beautiful.

Oct. 21, (1923)... Thomas Richardson, my brother-in-law, died of paralysis. I was in Roosevelt when I rec'd the telephone....

Thos. Richardson was a father of 9 children, one of whom died in early childhood.  His sons are Thos. Leslie, Milton, Sterling, Weslie & Alton. The one who died at bout when 2 yrs. old was named Othello. The daughters are Jennefieve, Lucy, & Eunice. My sister Eunice Lettie is the mother to all of the above children.  Tho Thomas Richardson was 63 yrs. of age, his family were deeply grieved. he had been a very examplary man even from his early manhood. He was my playmate and companion from the time I was 7 yrs. of age well was he worthy.

I had always loved him for his bravery, honor, & devout sinserity. He was a man as well as a boy with few or no faults.

He & his wife (Eunice) loved each other from earliest youth & all their married life were devoted to each other. Their children were & are most congenial and as far as I know never quarrelled with each other.

Tho Tues. (Oct. 23) was very stormy yet there was a large audience present. I was one of the 4 speakers at the funeral. I was so deeply touched over the death of my friend, I could scarcely control my feelings. There was a gorgeous display of flowers. The funeral was held at Benjamin where he has lived since a very small child. He was buried in the Benj. cemetery on the old mound where he & I often roamed over as boys & herded our cows.

Apr. 8, 1924... While in S.L. we organized the Pease and Hickman organizations for the purpose to gather our genealogies and do the work for our kindred dead, also to develop a great social & spiritual unity. I was appointed president of the Hickman Organization. We hope to begin a worthwhile research for our ancestors.

Mar. 15, 1925- I met uncle wm Hickmans grand daughters (Mrs. Robinson) and her husband & son in Logan. They are form Nevada.

May 31, 1925... I have recd. two replies to my letters in trying to get contact with some of the Hickmans whose names I found. Warren Edwin Hickman is at Wiley, Colo. He is a Dr. He has written a Bk on "an Echo from the Past." It is founded on his experience & that of the Hickmans in that section of the country. The main characters are Jeff Hickman (my uncle) & his family.

Jan. 31, 1926... I learn Laura is very poorly in Phoenix, Ariz.... Did I record that my sister Laura was quite bad with consumption in Phoenix, Ariz.?

Sept. 12, 1926... I went to Benjamin with Leslie my bro., for Eunice has her son, Weslie, & her daughter, Eunice down with typhoid. I stayed there the afternoon & evening with her & family; then I went & stayed all night with my brother, Chas. & family....

Sept 19, 1926... My brother-in-law, Thos. E. Daniels was severely injured last Fri. about 9:30 A.M. by being hit with the Interurban train. He was riding in an auto with Mr. Lucks when the Interurban car struck the auto. His head was badly lacerated, his right arm was dislocated, broken, & badly cut & tom. He lived until last night (Sat.) until 9:30 He gained partial consciousness a few times Fri.. but lapsed into unconsciousness and so died. Anna, my sister, feels deeply his loss. He died in the Utah-Idaho hospital. It was a most pathetic moment when my sister leaned over and kissed him saying: "Good night, Daddie." amidst a flood of tears. Only those present & close akin. can or could realize the pathos of the moment. ... The funeral will be held Wed at 2.P.M. Thos. was an excellent electritian & builder of electric plants, in Provo, Wyoming, Idaho & Nev. he was up to his death the Electrition for the Lewiston sugar factory owned by the Amalgamated Sugar Co. He was at one time an excellent photographer for a number of years. Tho he only had what might be termed a 6th grad education yet thru hard study, inventive genius, and work he became a real master of this profession.  I had often said he had more, advanced father considering his meager education than any other man in Utah.

Sept. 26, 1926.... We held funeral services over the remains of Thos. E. Daniels (my sisters husband). It was a beautiful funeral. Many had given loads of flowers. They formed a great embankment on the casket and on either side. It was a wonderful display of floral tribute. Pres. J.E. Cardon, Sam Christensen, E.R. Owen, & myself were the speakers. Bro. Owen said that Bro. Daniel's life was characterized by strict honesty, charity, unfortunately he did little or nothing in the church. The last 25 or 30 years of his life he smoked and that habit turned him from his religious duties....

Oct. 7, 1926... We had the Hickman reunion last Mon. night. It was held at Leslie's home. (my brother). Twenty seven were present counting Leslie's children.

The life of Uncle William's was read. It was written several years ago by Warren Hickman - Uncle Wm's son. After the business of the meeting was over we were served with refreshments -- ice cream, cake, & candy.

June 7, 1927... we went to Benj. and place a few flowers on Thos. Richardson's grave. Then we drove on to Payson cemetery and placed flowers on father's & mother's graves.

We then stayed at Benj over night & visited with my sister Eunice & family & my brother Chas.' family.

Nov. 9, 1927... I got a phone from Laura saying Milton Richardson, my sister Eunice's boy, was dead. He has been sick 2 yrs. with miner's consumption. He has been much afflicted for many years since he was kicked in the head & face by a horse... I got there 15 min. before the funeral. On arriving I was asked to be one of the speakers....

I went back to Provo and staid all night with Josephine & her family.Her husband Fred Finlayson, is in very poor health due to three paralitic strokes. he is not himself any more. He cries over every new or sudden change & is only partly able to aid himself. he is quite a care. He is not long for this earth....

Sept. 29, 1928... I stopped off in Provo to see my sister Josephine & her husband, Fred Finlayson, who is very ill with a paraletic stroke & is as helpless as a child of 9 mos. old.

Dec. 9, 1928... We have just rec'd a telegram from my sister Josephine saying Fred her husband is dead. He died this morning....

Dec. 16-28 1928... Since last writing, Fredrick J. Finlayson of Provo died a wk. ago today. He is the husband of my sister -- Josephine. He died of a stroke or strokes. he has been more or less invalidic for over 5 or 6 years.... By morning I had a temperature of 101 112 but I felt I must go to attend Fred's funeral for few relatives were going due to sickness.  I felt he would expect me for he & I had been boon friends since I was 17 yrs. of age, so I went....

Jan. 20-29, 1929...  We have now gotten a few hundred names of the Hickman genealogy and we are beginning to do the work. Seven or eight of us went thru the temple last Fr. night for our dead. I am very happy that we have at last gotten this work underway. Pearl Hickman Hyde has been most active in getting this work under way.

March 16, 1930... The Hickman Organization is doing work for our dead.  I only go a few times a year, but considerable is being done by Pearl Hickman Hyde and her family also others. I went again to the temple last Wed. night for Fielding A. Hickman. I have delivered a number of addresses the last 4 or 5 years on genealogical work, etc. We have don the work for most of the Hickmans whose names & history we can get.

Apr. 24, 1930... My sister Annie is about well again after 5 or 6 wks of illness due to gall stones.  I helped my niece, Eunice Richardson, with an oration which she is to give in M.I.A. contest.

... I stopped over in Benjamin on my return at my sister Eunice's place for 2 or 3 hrs. Her daughter Lucy is some better. Her youngest daughter. Eunice won the oratorical contest of their stake. She is very happy over it. She was to contest again with the winners from 5 other southern stakes Sat. night. The contest was to be held at Nephi. I am anxious to learn the results of that contest.

May 25-30, 1930... My niece eunice Richardson, did not get first place in the 6 Stakes contest, but she got 2nd place & honorable mention. I think that was well, for her. It is an honor to be in such a contest.

Nov. 29, 1931... My son Geo. writes me from calif. that my sister Laura was struck by a train and badly bruised but no bones broken.

Jan. 7, 1932... I spent most of the holidays with my sister Laura from Calif. criticising and toning up my first draft on my book. She has an excellent technique and is a great help to me. I paid her $100.00 to come & read & check up with me for a wk. She has taken the manuscript back with her to Calif. (Berkeley) and will give it an other revision for I can't spend more time on it for several months...

Oct. 29, 1932... My sister Anna & daughter are almost in want due to no work.  I am trying to aid her a little tho she is loath to take any thing from me.

Apr. 9, 1933... I leaned with deep regrets that Leslie has left his home, leaving his children without his care due to family troubles. I learn that he gambles & is inactive in his church duties.

Jan. 10, 1934... My sister Laura decided she preferred to come and stay with my sister Annie rather than go to my sister Eunice's place. So she has been here for about a week. She is weak in body & mind and is some what eccentric; we hope she will improve.

Mar 3, 1934... Laura had one relapse for 2 or 3 days but is better again....

June 24, 1934... I have been attending a few public lectures at AG. College. The two speakers were Dr. Michieljohn and Dr. Jno. Sundenwall of the Uni. of Mich. He is a native of Utah & Mormon raised. he is a very profound student. He holds degrees Ph.D & M.D.... This Dr. was to have married my sister Laura, yrs. ago, but due to her reticence it failed.

Aug. 20, 1934... My nephew, Sterling Richardson, my sister Eunice's son died of heart trouble a wk. last Tues. My sister requested that I come (to Benjamin) and speak at the funeral... Sterling was 42 yrs of age & had been ailing for many years, yet he worked all the time with exceptions. Probably no more noble child and manhood's life were ever lived than the one he lived. Due to bronchil & heart trouble he never married. Those who were raised with him at Benjamin testified they had never known a more perfect child, youth-man than he had been. He was so in my eyes from his baby hood. He was his mother's light & life. She is now nearly heart-broken over his death. The funeral was over flowing with hundreds of friends and relatives. God bless his memory. He has returned to his Maker without (out) spot or blemish. We went & returned the same day.

Sept. 24, 1934... My sister Annie & her daughter, LaPriel are with no means to live ex thru gifts. I have aided with a few dollars a mo. for a number of months. We are trying to get them aid from the City & co. Those organizations are for that purpose.

Jan. 8, 1935... My sister Annie has been ill for 2 wks but is on the improve. My sister Laura is in poor health & is in want financially. I gave her $2.00 and I signed a check & gave her to fill out so she could pay her debts & get provisions for her self.

Apr. 19-35... I also learn that my uncle Dr Jos. B Hickman's only son is Edwin Cardon Hickman. He lives in Colo. & is 53 years of age. My second cousin, Lorenzo D. Hickman is furnishing me with many names & data on our kindred.

Aug. 20., 1935 ... I reviewed the event of my father & his bro. Jefferson being arrested as spies while they were trying to get back to Mo. before war was declared. Jef. by their conneiving got away one dark night. I review a few events while father was there as prisoner. One was when the army had decided to flee down Weber canyon, leaving (or to leave at 4 a.m.), capture women & children & play the part of libertines at their pleasure against helpless women.

Father told me that the soldiers (his guards) revealed the plan to him for he being a helpless prisoner, could do nothing to check the plan. The order was for the bugle to sound at 4 a.m. & in 15 min. every wheel would be on the roll toward Ogden & then to S.L. The horses & mules were already harnessed & tied to the wheels of wagons in feed to their knees. Father said he was much distressed over their damnable plans tho he had nothing in common with the people except his bro. Wm Hickman.  Father was then not a Mormon. He said that tho I was a stranger to virtually all the Mormon people, I was much distressed & could not sleep. At 12 M. I arose & look out of my prison quarters, the heavens were calm & warm as a summer's night tho it was early Nov. Again I arose at 1 a.m. & looked out but no change in the serenity of the night. At 2 I arose again & looked out. I thought: "Could it be possible that God & all nature were peacefully applauding such a damnable deed. At 3 a.m. I gain looked out & the heavens were clear & warm & not a breeze to be felt." I again said to my self, "Can it be possible that the God of heaven is sanctioning this heinous deed?" But about 3:30 a.m. a sudden wind arose for a few min. & then subsided, but in a few min. later the wind arose with a sudden bluster.  In a few min. it attained almost the fury of a tornado, and in 15 or 20 min later a blizzar of wind, rain & snow swept the plains.It increased its fury to snow & sleet.  It was the worst storm I had ever known. The fury of the storm continues till morning. And at 6 a.m. half their mules & horses lay dead in their harnesses. Not a wheeled was turned nor could there be for routes were blockaded. "That was how God applauded their damnable crime," said my father in a quiet voice.

Some time I must write the complete story of his capture, imprisonment, his final release and his return to Utah and a year later he joined the church after reading the entire literature of the L.D.S. church including, Bible, Bk. of M.; Doc & Cov. Pearl of G. Price, Journals of Discourses including tracts & the many sermons & conversations, etc. All of these sources took nearly a year's time. "I knew then, said father, that this was God's church and I joined it." Tho my father was a medical student & practitioner, he once said to me "I have long since learned to have more faith in the power of healing of the elders than I did in my medicines."

--Extracted by Vivian Karen Bush

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