Descendants of Nathaniel Hickman
This information was provided by Harold A. Kelley.  Click here to write to him.

Generation No. 1

1.  NATHANIEL <1> HICKMAN was born Abt. 1600, and died Bef. 1656 in Northumberland Co. VA.  He married AVIS ? Bef. 1640.  She died in Northumberland Co. VA.

Nathaniel Hickman of Northumberland Co. brought his wife  Avis? to Virginia in 1653 according to the list of Early Virginia Immigrants (I have found many mistakes in this list).

Hickman Family

         Edwin Hickman, Sr. b. 9 August 1762 Culpepper Co. VA, d. 7 Sept. 1857 Stokes Co., NC, m. Patey Isbell, b. 12/26, 1762, d. June 15, 1850, April 10, 1783.

Lineage from Genealogies of Virginia Families from the William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine Vol. 3 Published by Genealogical Publishing Co. 1982
         Nathaniel Hickman patented land in Northumberland county in 1653, and his will was proved Jan. 20, 1653.  He names issue: 2 Thomas, 3 Diana, 4 Nathaniel, Jr.
    2 Thomas Hickman patented land in 1654, married Mary, who joined in a deed recorded in Northumberland in 1667.   He had probably 5   Thomas Hickman.
         5 Thomas  married  Martha Thacker, daughter of Capt. Henry Thacker and Eltonhead Conway, on Dec. 18, 1683, they probably had 6 Richard, clerk of the Virginia Council, whose will was proved in York county in 1731, and names siblings 7 Elizabeth  (wife of Pascal Greenhill of Amelia County); 8 Thomas, 9 Henry, 10 Edwin, 11 Lettice.
         10 Edwin was one of the first justices of Albermarle County (1744) married Elender, and had issue, named in his will dated February 4, 1758, 12 James, 13 Edwin, 14 Richard, 15 William, 16 Thomas, 17 Susanna, 18 Lettice, 19 Martha.
         13 Edwin was grandfather of Gen Richard Hickman of Kentucky.
         During the time the Hickmans were in Stokes Co. NC, there were several marriages between the Hickmans and the Hamptons.  According to the census data, they lived very close together.
         Elender Hickman, mother of Mary Ann Hampton, is the great-great grandmother of Harold Andrew Kelley.

According to Gerry Hickman (click here to write him):
    Nathaniel probably came from Oxford shire, England.  The Hickman family in England traces back to there, and I have visited Bloxham, where many centuries of Hickmans are buried.  also, I have looked at a lot of the ancient church records.
    Bloxham is about six miles NW of Oxford.  According to the historian Samuel Eliot Morison, the earliest Virginians, of which Nathaniel would have been one, were almost entirely Oxford graduates or former students. One of my uncles had a study done by a genealogical research firm back in the 1920s.  While  all this evidence is circumstantial, there is a lot of it.
    Nathaniel's first plantation in Virginia was in the county that lies alongside the Chesapeake Bay where it meets the Atlantic.  Nathaniel the younger had a plantation in the county immediately to the west, or Westmoreland County.  Nathaniel's son Thomas had a 1200 acre plantation east of Richmond.  Both Nathaniel's moved inland, probably as a result of tobacco wearing out their land, as it was notorious for doing. Careful reading of Nathaniel's last will and testament makes me think Avis died quite awhile before he did, and that he remarried.  "Other" children referred to in the will could have been by a second wife.
    My line of Hickmans eventually left Virginia for North Carolina. Throughout, the Hickman's have been community leaders.  (Richard Hickman was Clerk of the Virginia Council during the period when "King" Carter was amassing his huge land empire, and Richard had to be involved in those dealings. )  See The Virginia Dynasties by Clifford Dowdey Bonzana Books 1969.

Published in the Observer/Enterprise July 23, 1993 by Frankie Beth Wiliams
    William the Conqueror brought an Aide-de-Camp named Wilhem Hickman to the British Isles and awarded him a Shire for his services.  His descendants came onto the new world in the early 1600s.  The emigrant Nathaniel, born 1600 in England, Nathaniel Jr., Thomas, Edwin the Rev. War hero, Lt. William, William Jr., John Hickman and others formed a rich tapestry woven from land, census, military and state records from Maryland, Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia, Arkansas and Texas, the places where the Hickmans have lived.
    The Hickman name was once one of the twenty-five most common surnames in the US.
Children of NATHANIEL HICKMAN and AVIS ? are:
2.    i.    THOMAS <2> HICKMAN, b. Abt. 1630; d. 1683.
     ii.    NATHANIEL HICKMAN, b. 1644, England; m. MARY.
     iii.    DIANA HICKMAN, b. 1645, England; m. (1) WILLIAM LYNDSAY; m. (2) THOMAS BARRETT.

Generation No. 2

2.  THOMAS <2> HICKMAN (NATHANIEL <1>) was born Abt. 1630, and died 1683.  He married MARY PASCAL February 1666/67.  She was born Abt. 1640.
      i.    WILLIAM <3> HICKMAN, m. MARY HINTON.
4.    iii.    EDWIN HICKMAN, d. 1739.
5.    iv.    THOMAS HICKMAN, b. Abt. 1668; d. Abt. 1713.

Generation No. 3

3.  NATHANIEL <3> HICKMAN (THOMAS <2>, NATHANIEL <1>)  He married MARY ?L. 
Children of NATHANIEL HICKMAN and MARY ?L are:
   ii.    HENRY HICKMAN.

4.  EDWIN <3> HICKMAN (THOMAS <2>, NATHANIEL1) died 1739.  He married (1) ELENDER WEBBER, daughter of HENRY WEBBER and JANE ?.  She was born Abt. 1695 in King William Co. St. John's Parish, VA.  He married (2) ELINOR ELLIOT. 
6.    i.    WILLIAM <4> HICKMAN, b. 1730, Spotsylvania, VA; d. 1787, davidson Co. TN.

5.  THOMAS <3> HICKMAN (THOMAS <2>, NATHANIEL <1>) was born Abt. 1668, and died Abt. 1713.  He married MARTHA THACKER 1690, daughter of HENRY THACKER and ELTONHEAD CONWAY.  She was born December 05, 1667.
      i.    HENRY <4> HICKMAN.
      ii.    LETTICE HICKMAN.
      iii.    THOMAS HICKMAN.
      iv.    ELIZABETH HICKMAN, m. PASCAL GREENHILL; b. Amelia Co. VA.
      v.    RICHARD HICKMAN.
7.    vi.    EDWIN HICKMAN, b. Abt. 1690, VA; d. Bef. June 30, 1769, Albemarle Co. Fredericksville Parish, VA.

Generation No. 4

6.  WILLIAM <4> HICKMAN (EDWIN <3>, THOMAS <2>, NATHANIEL <1>) was born 1730 in Spotsylvania, VA, and died 1787 in davidson Co. TN.  He married (1) LUCRETIA STRICKLAND.    He married (2) MILDRED ANN SMITH 1747. 

Will of William Hickman:  Jackson Co. GA. I William Hickman of the state and County aforesaid, being weak in body but in perfect soundness of mind do and desire this to be my last Will and Testament to dispose of my worldly effects in manner and form following, viz. I will that my just debts, the few, should be paid.
I have, I give to my beloved wife, Lucretia, all my estate, both real and personal during her natural life and at the death of my wife as aforesaid, I give to son Josiah Hickman, my tract of land purchased of Morton, including my mill and  cotton machine K-11 a distillery, also my negro girl named Hanna.  Have, I give to my son William Hickman on the death of my wife as aforesaid, the tract of land where I've lived, containing one hundred acres, also I give my son Theophalus, one dollar out of my estate, he having in my estimation already received his part. I give to my son Nathaniel one dollar, he having already received his part.  I give to my son Jacob, one dollar, he having already received his part.  I give to my daughter Lucretia Holland, one dollar, she having already received her part, as above.  I give to my daughter Sarah Castleberry, she having already received her part.  I give to my daughter Tamara Whitmire, one dollar, as she has already received her part.  and at the decease of my wife, aforesaid, I will that the balance of my estate, both real and personal, including debts, dues, ready money, together with the increase in slaves, shall be equally divided among my five daughters, viz, June Dunn, Uzbr Grantland, Upse Mooney, Mourning Heath and Christubina Thomas and I do hereby constitute and appoint my son Josiah Hickman and my son in law Richard heath, to be my executors of this my last will and Testament, In witness thereof I do execute my hand and seal, this 15th day of May one thousand eight hundred and sixteen.
In the presence of William Hickman   witness Joseph Davis, Josiah Hickman
8.    i.    LUCINDA <5> HICKMAN, b. 1765.
     ii.    SARAH HICKMAN, b. 1768, NC.
     iii.    NANCY HICKMAN, b. 1769; m. JOHN CHIDRESS.
     v.    SUSAN HICKMAN, b. 1778, Surry Co. NC; m. ROGER SAPPINGTON.
     vi.    ELLIOT HICKMAN, b. 1782; m. JULIA ANN DUDLEY, September 11, 1810.
     vii.    JACOB HICKMAN, b. 1784; m. NANCY ROBERTSON, 1807.
     viii.    LUCRETIA HICKMAN, b. 1786.

      ix.    NATHANIEL <5> HICKMAN, b. 1749.
      x.    JOSIAH HICKMAN, b. 1750.
      xi.    THEOPOLUS HICKMAN, b. 1753, Albemarle Co., VA.
      xii.    MILDRED HICKMAN, b. 1753, Albermarle Co. VA.
9.    xiii.    WILLIAM JR. HICKMAN, b. 1757, Edgecombe Co. NC.
      xiv.    MARTHA HICKMAN, b. 1758, Surry Co. NC; d. TN.
10.   xv.    EDWIN B. HICKMAN, b. October 15, 1760, Albermarle Co. VA; d. 1791, TN.
      xvi.    THOMAS HICKMAN, b. October 15, 1762, Albemarle Co. , VA; d. March 06, 1850, Davidson Co. TN; m. ? WILLIAMS.

7.  EDWIN <4> HICKMAN (THOMAS <3>, THOMAS <2>, NATHANIEL <1>) was born Abt. 1690 in VA, and died Bef. June 30, 1769 in Albemarle Co. Fredericksville Parish, VA.  He married ELENDER WEBBER, daughter of HENRY WEBBER and JANE ?.  She was born Abt. 1695 in King William Co. St. John's Parish, VA.
   vii.    MARTHA HICKMAN.
11.    viii.    EDWIN HICKMAN, b. 1726, Spotsylvania Co. VA; d. 1805, Stokes Co. NC.

Generation No. 5

8.  LUCINDA <5> HICKMAN (WILLIAM <4>, EDWIN <3>, THOMAS <2>, NATHANIEL <1>) was born 1765.  She married (1) ANDREW EWING.    She married (2) SAMUEL MILLER. 
   i.    MILLER <6>.

9.  WILLIAM JR. <5> HICKMAN (WILLIAM <4>, EDWIN <3>, THOMAS <2>, NATHANIEL <1>) was born 1757 in Edgecombe Co. NC.  He married ELIZABETH. 
12.    i.     JOHN LEE <6> HICKMAN, b. 1788; d. December 28, 1878, Bradley Co. AR.
13.    ii.    DANIEL HICKMAN, b. 1801, NC.
14.    iii.   THOMAS WILLIAM HICKMAN, b. 1803, AL; d. Abt. 1848, Bradley Co. AR.
15.    iv.    NATHANIEL L. HICKMAN, b. 1807.

10.  EDWIN B. <5> HICKMAN (WILLIAM <4>, EDWIN <3>, THOMAS <2>, NATHANIEL <1>) was born October 15, 1760 in Albermarle Co. VA, and died 1791 in TN.  He married ELIZABETH PRYOR September 23, 1787. 
   i.    EDWIN <6> HICKMAN.
   ii.    SUSAN HICKMAN.

11.  EDWIN <5> HICKMAN (EDWIN <4>, THOMAS <3>, THOMAS <2>, NATHANIEL <1>) was born 1726 in Spotsylvania Co. VA, and died 1805 in Stokes Co. NC.  He married PHOEBE EASTHAM Abt. 1744 in Spottsylvania Co. VA.  She was born Abt. 1726.
        i.    EASOM <6> HICKMAN.
16.    ii.    EDWIN JR. HICKMAN, b. August 09, 1762, Culpeper Co. VA; d. September 07, 1857, Stokes Co. NC.
   iii.    WILLIAM ZOBELL HICKMAN, b. 1770, Culpeper Co. VA; d. 1851, Randolph Co. Mo; m. (1) LETTICE ISBELL; m. (2) LETTICE ISBELL; b. Abt. 1769, Albemarle, VA; d. Abt. 1849, Kirksville, MO.
   iv.    THOMAS HICKMAN, b. 1772, Culpeper Co. VA; d. March 25, 1843, Jackson Co. MO; m. SARAH ISBELL, August 19, 1817; b. February 17, 1800.

Generation No. 6

12.  JOHN LEE <6> HICKMAN (WILLIAM JR. <5>, WILLIAM <4>, EDWIN <3>, THOMAS <2>, NATHANIEL <1>) was born 1788, and died December 28, 1878 in Bradley Co. AR.  He married ELIZABETH MCDADE February 13, 1816 in Baldwin Co. GA.  She was born in Baldwin Co. GA, and died 1850 in Bradley Co. AR.
      i.    NANCY7 HICKMAN.
      ii.    MARY HICKMAN, b. 1816; d. 1879.
      iii.    ELIZABETH HICKMAN, b. 1822; m. STANMERE BUTLER TEMPLE, April 11, 1838, Montgomery, AL; b. Al.
      iv.    CAROLINE HICKMAN, b. 1824; m. ANDERSON LEWIS.
      v.    JANE HICKMAN, b. 1826, AL.
      vi.    FRANCES MARION HICKMAN, b. 1828, AL; d. Bef. 1856; m. MARY WARD LAW; b. 1849; d. 1910.
17.  vii.    WILLIAM JAMES HICKMAN, b. 1830, AL; d. 1911.
     viii.    ARABELLA HICKMAN, b. 1834, AL; m. ? REAVES.
     ix.    REBECCA HICKMAN, b. 1837, AL; m. JOHN HURSTON.
     x.    LOUISA HICKMAN, b. 1842, AR.
     xi.    MARTHA HICKMAN, b. 1844, AR.
     xii.    FRANCES HICKMAN, b. 1850; m. JOHN W. JARRETT, December 13, 1866, Warren, Bradley Co. AR.

13.  DANIEL <6> HICKMAN (WILLIAM JR. <5>, WILLIAM <4>, EDWIN <3>, THOMAS <2>, NATHANIEL <1>) was born 1801 in NC.  He married (1) SUSAN BROCK October 01, 1823 in Montgomery Co. AL.    He married (2) FEREBY ALFORD December 20, 1828. 
   i.     WILLIAM <7> HICKMAN.
   vi.    MARY HICKMAN.
   vii.   GEORGE J. HICKMAN.

14.  THOMAS WILLIAM <6> HICKMAN (WILLIAM JR. <5>, WILLIAM <4>, EDWIN <3>, THOMAS <2>, NATHANIEL <1>) was born 1803 in AL, and died Abt. 1848 in Bradley Co. AR.  He married ELISHABEE FRISSILL March 17, 1823 in Montgomery, AL.  She was born 1805, and died 1882 in Llano Co. TX.
18.    i.    GREEN LEE <7> HICKMAN, b. January 18, 1825, AL; d. February 04, 1907, AZ.
       ii.    THOMAS HICKMAN, b. 1828, AL; m. NANCY JANE LINDSEY.
       iii.    REBECCA HICKMAN, b. 1830, AL.
19.    iv.    JOHN FRANKLIN HICKMAN, b. January 06, 1831, Montgomery, AL.
       v.    DEKALB HICKMAN, b. 1835, AL.
       vi.    GEORGE W. HICKMAN, b. 1836, AL.
       vii.    DANIEL HICKMAN, b. 1840, AL.
       viii.    BELLE ELIZABETH HICKMAN, b. 1843, 24 March 1904; m. (1) BILL DAVIS; d. 1878; m. (2) GEORGE TRUELOVE.
       ix.    HENRY HARRISON HICKMAN, b. 1848, AR; d. 1893, Llano Co. TX.

15.  NATHANIEL L. <6> HICKMAN (WILLIAM JR. <5>, WILLIAM <4>, EDWIN <3>, THOMAS <2>, NATHANIEL <1>) was born 1807.  He married SARAH SALLIE LEE 1820 in Madison, AL. 
   i.     CELIA <7> HICKMAN.
   ii.    SUSAN HICKMAN.
   vi.    SARAH HICKMAN.

16.  EDWIN JR. <6> HICKMAN (EDWIN <5>, EDWIN <4>, THOMAS <3>, THOMAS <2>, NATHANIEL <1>) was born August 09, 1762 in Culpeper Co. VA, and died September 07, 1857 in Stokes Co. NC.  He married PATEY ISBELL April 10, 1783 in Culpepper, VA, daughter of BENJAMIN ISBELL and LETTICE HICKMAN.  She was born December 26, 1762 in Danbury, Stokes Co. NC, and died June 15, 1850 in Stokes co. NC.


NC Census 1800 shows Edwin Hickman in Stokes Co. NC 557

As a resident of Surry Co., NC (in a part that became Stokes Co. at a later date), Edwin Hickman served as a private in the Revolutionary War during the following tours of duty:
June 1780, he enlisted for three months in Capt. Absalom Bostick's Company and Col James Martin's NC Regiment; He rendezvoused at old Richmond, then the county seat of Surry, and from there marched to Salisbury in Rowan County.  From there to Phipers Mill, then he marched and served Gen. Rutherford's brigade near Beaties ford on the Catawba, then back to Salisbury where he remained for a few days.  He then marched to the trading ford on the Yadkin, returned to Salisbury, and then remained between ten and fifteen days.  From Salisbury he marched southward and having been sick on the route was left in care of a William Bluman. He was in active service for eight weeks previous to his illness.  He was disabled from his sickness for five or six weeks.  This tour was for three months.
In the spring of 1781 he served four weeks in Capt. James Gaine's Company.
During the fall of 1781 he served three months in Capt. Humphries's Co. in Col. James Martin's NC Regiment.  This company was attached to the command of Gen. Pickens.  During this campaign he was in the battle against the British at Alamance in Guilford County.  he was also in an engagement at Whitesell mill on the Reedy River, also in Guifford Co.  In the above tours Joseph Winston was his major.   Ref: File Designation #S-8712; B.L.Wt. #15411-160-55.  State Records, NC Rev. War Pensioners, page 68: "Allotted forty two pounds seven shillings six pence...  Board of Auditors 31 July 1782.

Declaration of Edwin Hickman 15 December 1832 Stokes Co., NC and 20 Apr. 1855--  Stokes Co., NC

It was to Edwin Hickman that Harold Kelley traced his linage back to a Revolutionary soldier and by proving this was admitted to membership in the Sons of the American Revolution.

Compiled and published by members of the James Hunter Chapter, National Society Daughters of American Revolution of Madison, North Carolina, 1977
EDWIN HICKMAN, Sr.--Born 9 Aug 1762 Culpepper Co. VA, died 7 Sept. 1857 Stokes Co. NC; married ____
, born circa 1762, died between 1840 and 1850 in Stokes Co, NC.
As a resident of Surry Co., NC, Edwin Hickman served as a private in the Revolutionary war during the following tours of duty; June 1780, he enlisted for three months in Capt. Absalom Bostick's Company and Col James Martin's NC Regiment; in the spring of 1781 he served ten weeks in Capt James Gaine's Company under Maj Joseph Winston during which time he was in battles of Alamance and Whitsell's Mill; during fall of 1781 he served three months in Capt Humphries' Co. in Col James Martin's NC Regiment.  Ref; File Designation #S-8712; B.L. Wt. #15411-160-55.
State records, NC Rev. War Pensioners, page 68; "Allotted forty two pounds seven shillings six pence...Board of Auditors 31 July 1782

    Children, all born in Surry Co. NC before 1789 and Stokes Co. after it became a County;
1--Edwin Hickman, Jr. born Ca. 1780
2. Thomas Hickman, born ca 1782
3. William Hickman, born ca 1783
4. Anna Hickman, born ca 1784, died after 1860 Stokes Co. single.
5. Female, born ca 1785
6. Female, born ca 1786
7. Elliott Hickman, born 23 Apr 1787, died 17 Feb 1851, Warren Co. KY; married 8 Dec 1805 Stokes Co., NC, Nancy Isbell
8. Richard G. Hickman, born 13 Apr 1789, died 22 Jan 1866 Linn Co, Mo or Conway Co. AR; married
    before 1820 census of Stokes Co. NC ____  _____
9. Benjamin T. Hickman, born 1790-1800; married 28 June 1826 Henry Co. Va, Judith F. Christian
10. John Hickman, born 1790-1800.
11. Female, born 1790-1800.
12. Ellender Hickman, born 1790-1800; married 3 Oct. 1823 Stokes Co, Alexander Hampton, born 1800-1
    Stokes Co. NC.
13. Phoebe Hickman, born 1800-01, stokes co. NC, died after 1860 Census; married 23 July 1823 Stokes   Co. NC, William Coleman Simmons.
14. Elizabeth (Betsy) Hickman, born 1800-1810; married Jessie Bounds;

    Submitted by: Mrs. Kenneth Whisenant (Mary Sue Scales)
              1701 Glenhaven Drive
              Abilene, TX 79603

Printed in the Surry County, NC Genealogical Assn. Journal Feb. 1992
    The following Bible records of Edwin Hickman were sent to us by LaVonna Ketchum.  The owner of the Bible shared the information with Ms. Ketchum and requested that he not be identified.  For this reason, we have published the records without the title page that would have told us when the Bible was published and who may have made the entries.  The Editor of the Journal feels that this material is important enough , and can be proven from different county and state records, to justify the publishing.  The records are being printed with the unedited, typed transcriptions overlayed on the Bible pages.
    These records, along with the pension papers of Edwin Hickman, will be on file in the Surry Community College Library in the genealogy section.  we are grateful to Ms. Ketchum and the owner of the Bible for sharing this material with us.
Edwin Hickman, Senr was married to Patey Isbell April the 10th 1783
Elliott Hickman was married to Nancy Isbell Dec 6, 1805.
Edwin Smith was married to Patey Hickman Oct 5, 1806
John Hickman was married to Nancy Adams on the 8 Dec 1810
Thos Hickman was married to Sarah Isbell August 25, 1817
Richard G. Hickman was married to Eleanor Ketchum on the 5th of Nov 1819
Alexander Hampton was born Sep 4, 1803
William C. Seamond and Phebe (Hickman) was married July 27, 1823
Alexander Hampton and Eleanor his wife was married 7th Oct. 1823
Wm Martin Hampton was born March 5, 1825
Joseph W. Kelley was married to Mary Ann Hampton Dec. 23, 1853 (Kelley is misspelled in the typed copy but is plainly spelled Kelley in the handwritten bible records).
Sally Hickman was married  Aug 24, 1817
Edwin Hickman Senr was born August 9, 1762
Patey Hickman Senr was born Dec 26, 1762(looks like 1763) and departed this life June 15, 1850
Elliott Hickman was born Sept 9, 1783
Jno Hickman was born Oct 16, 1784
Anna Hickman was born  April 9, 1786
Betey Hickman was born July 17, 1788
Richd Hickman was born April 13, 1790
Edwin Hickman Jr. was born May 3, 1792
Thos Hickman was born Feb 27, 1794
Patey Hickman Junr was born Feb 1, 1796
Lettice Hickman was born Feb 2, 1798
Phebe Hickman was born Jan 4, 1800
Wm Hickman was born July 17, 1802
Maria Elinor Childs Hickman was born April 2, 1804
Benj F. Hickman was born July 4, 1806
Nancy E. Hickman was born May 30, 1811
Richard G. Hickman born April 13, 1790
Jane Tyson daughter of Richd G. & Eleanor born August 30, 1821
Joel Franklin Hickman was born Nov 2, 1823
James Alexander Kelley was born January 30, 1855
Agness Parmela Lawson daughter of Jesse and Patey Lawson was born June 26, 1820
Thomas Hickman was born Feb 27, 1794
Sally Hickman was born Feb 17, 1800
Lettice Anna Hickman was born Aug. 6, 1818
Martha Thos Hickman was born July 25, 1820
David Ketchum was born July 8, 1795
Patey his wife was born July 8, 1795
Maryan Elizabeth daughter of David & Patey was born April 17, 1821
Edwin Hickman Ketchum was born Dec 13, 1822
Joel Lewis Ketchum was born April 12, 1824
Martha Eleanor Ketchum was born Oct 24, 1825
Lettice Hickman departed this life July 1800
Thos  Jan 31, 1820
Wm H was born
Charlotte Hickman Simmons was the 11 Aug 18??
Terrissa Clementine Durham was born Jan 11, or 17 1851
Phebe Elliott Ketchum was born March 14, 1828
Nancy Jane Ketchum born Feb 14, 1830
David Franklin Ketchum was born March 20, 1832
Wm C. Seamonds was born Dec 2, 1797
Phebe his wife was born Jan 4, 1800
They married July 27, 1823
Powel Henderson Seamonds was born Dec 20, 1824
John Edwin was born Oct 11, 1825
sally Coleman Simmons was born Oct 27, 1828
Martha Ann Simmons was born Sept 22, 1830
William Anderson Simmons was born Oct. 17, 1834
Edwin Smith was born August 27, 1780
Betey his wife was born July 17, 1788
They married  Oct. 5, 1806
Patey Holloday Smith was born July 25 1807
Joseph Elliott Smith was born May 17, 1809
nancy Hill smith was born May 17 1811 and died Nov 21, 1811
Edwin Hickman smith was born Sept 12, 1812
Thos Easham Smith was born April 22, 1815
Anna Ellinor Smith was born Feb 26, 1818
Betey Grills Smith was born Oct 11, 1820
Phebe Deatherage Smith was born March 21, 1823, and died Aug 25, 1825
Sarah Chiles was born May 7, 1825
Elizabeth Jane Smith was born Sept 16, 1828
Margaret Temple Smith was born Sept 21, 1832, died Nov 20, 1838

The above bible material is also shown in the following:
Surry County, North Carolina Wills 1771-1827 Annotated Genealogical Abstracts Jo white Linn
Book in the Palm Beach County Genealogical Society Library, West Palm Beach, FL.

   i.    ELLIOTT7 HICKMAN, b. September 09, 1783; m. NANCY ISBELL, December 06, 1805.
   ii.    JOHN HICKMAN, b. October 16, 1784; m. NANCY ADAMS, December 08, 1810.
   iii.    ANNA HICKMAN, b. April 09, 1786.
20.    iv.    ELIZABETH HICKMAN, b. July 17, 1788.
21.    v.    RICHARD HICKMAN, b. April 13, 1790.
   vi.    EDWIN HICKMAN, b. May 03, 1792; m. BETSY ISBELL, August 04, 1823.
22.    vii.    THOMAS HICKMAN, b. February 27, 1794; d. January 31, 1820.
23.    viii.    PATEY HICKMAN, b. February 01, 1796.
   ix.    LETTICE HICKMAN, b. February 02, 1798; d. July 1800.
24.    x.    PHOEBE HICKMAN, b. January 04, 1800, Stokes co. NC; d. Aft. 1860.
25.    xi.    ELENDER CHILDS HICKMAN, b. April 02, 1804, North Carolina; d. 1858, Stokes County, NC.
   xii.    BENJAMIN HICKMAN, b. July 04, 1806.
   xiii.    NANCY HICKMAN, b. May 30, 1811.

Generation No. 7

17.  WILLIAM JAMES7 HICKMAN (JOHN LEE6, WILLIAM JR.5, WILLIAM4, EDWIN3, THOMAS2, NATHANIEL1) was born 1830 in AL, and died 1911.  He married JANE WARDLAW 1852.  She died 1904.

18.  GREEN LEE7 HICKMAN (THOMAS WILLIAM6, WILLIAM JR.5, WILLIAM4, EDWIN3, THOMAS2, NATHANIEL1) was born January 18, 1825 in AL, and died February 04, 1907 in AZ.  He married MARY EMILY LAFFERTY 1852 in aR.  She was born May 12, 1830 in AR, and died March 14, 1906.
   i.    MARTHA8 HICKMAN, b. 1853, AR; m. ? WILLIAMSON.
   ii.    REBECCA HICKMAN, b. 1855, AR; m. JIM HARWELL.
   iii.    SARAH C. HICKMAN, b. 1858, AR.
   iv.    THOMAS HICKMAN, b. 1860, AR.
   v.    MARY EMILY HICKMAN, b. 1864, AR; m. CYRUS A. SMITH.
   vi.    GREEN LEE HICKMAN, b. 1866, AR; d. November 06, 1947.
   vii.    GEOGIANA HICKMAN, b. 1869, AR; d. December 19, 1915, AZ.
   viii.    MIRA HICKMAN, b. 1874; d. Phoenix, AZ; m. JIM FRANCES.

19.  JOHN FRANKLIN7 HICKMAN (THOMAS WILLIAM6, WILLIAM JR.5, WILLIAM4, EDWIN3, THOMAS2, NATHANIEL1) was born January 06, 1831 in Montgomery, AL.  He married (1) MARY ANN REAVES.    He married (2) MARY LOUISE LINDSEY. 
Children of JOHN HICKMAN and MARY LINDSEY are:
   i.    CALLIE8 HICKMAN, b. Llano Co. TX; d. May 17, 1926; m. WALTER RUSH WILLIAMS.
   ii.    LILLIE HICKMAN, b. Llano Co. TX; d. August 02, 1931; m. JIM OFFIELD.
   iii.    LEIUANNA HICKMAN, b. September 06, 1869, AR; m. THOMAS MODGLING, May 28, 1888.
   iv.    SARAH ELIZABETH HICKMAN, b. February 03, 1871, AR; m. THOMAS LONG, May 28, 1888.
   v.    FRANKLIN HICKMAN, b. June 07, 1872, Warren, AR; m. ANNE AKE.
   vi.    WILLIAM JAMES HICKMAN, b. December 06, 1874, Warren, AR; m. DAISEY HALLMARK.
   vii.    ROBERT E. LEE HICKMAN, b. July 1877, Warren, AR; m. DAISEY CASHER.
   viii.    MARY BELLE HICKMAN, b. August 03, 1880, Llano Co. TX; d. September 14, 1890, Llano Co. TX.
   ix.    EDWARD HENRY VIRGIL HICKMAN, b. October 21, 1886, Llano Co. TX; m. MELINDY FRANCES HERRON, November 26, 1905; d. June 16, 1965.

20.  ELIZABETH7 HICKMAN (EDWIN JR.6, EDWIN5, EDWIN4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, NATHANIEL1) was born July 17, 1788.  She married EDWIN SMITH October 05, 1806.  He was born August 27, 1780.
   i.    PATEY HOLLADAY8 SMITH, b. July 25, 1807.
   ii.    JOSEPH ELLIOTT SMITH, b. July 17, 1809.
   iii.    NANCY HILL SMITH, b. May 11, 1811; d. November 21, 1811.
   iv.    EDWIN HICKMAN SMITH, b. September 12, 1812.
   v.    THOMAS EASTHAM SMITH, b. April 22, 1815.
   vi.    ANN ELLINOR SMITH, b. February 26, 1818.
   vii.    BETEY GRILLS SMITH, b. October 11, 1820.
   viii.    PHEBE DEATHERAGE SMITH, b. March 21, 1823; d. August 25, 1825.
   ix.    SARAH CHILES SMITH, b. May 07, 1825.
   x.    ELIZABETH JANE SMITH, b. September 16, 1828.
   xi.    MARGARET TEMPLE SMITH, b. August 21, 1832; d. November 20, 1838.

21.  RICHARD7 HICKMAN (EDWIN JR.6, EDWIN5, EDWIN4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, NATHANIEL1) was born April 13, 1790.  He married ELEANOR KETCHUM November 05, 1819.  She was born December 30, 1800.
   i.    JANE TYSON8 HICKMAN, b. August 30, 1821.
   ii.    JOEL FRANKLIN HICKMAN, b. November 02, 1823.

22.  THOMAS7 HICKMAN (EDWIN JR.6, EDWIN5, EDWIN4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, NATHANIEL1) was born February 27, 1794, and died January 31, 1820.  He married SARAH ISBELL August 25, 1817.  She was born February 17, 1800.
   i.    LETTICE ANNA8 HICKMAN, b. August 06, 1818.
   ii.    MARTHA THOMAS HICKMAN, b. July 25, 1820.

23.  PATEY7 HICKMAN (EDWIN JR.6, EDWIN5, EDWIN4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, NATHANIEL1) was born February 01, 1796.  She married DAVID KETCHUM.  He was born July 08, 1795.
   i.    MARYAN ELIZABETH8 KETCHUM, b. April 17, 1821.
   ii.    EDWIN HICKMAN KETCHUM, b. December 13, 1822.
   iii.    JOEL LEWIS KETCHUM, b. April 12, 1824.
   iv.    MARTHA ELEONOR KETCHUM, b. October 24, 1825.

24.  PHOEBE7 HICKMAN (EDWIN JR.6, EDWIN5, EDWIN4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, NATHANIEL1) was born January 04, 1800 in Stokes co. NC, and died Aft. 1860.  She married WILLIAM COLEMAN SIMMONS July 27, 1823, son of JOHN SIMMONS and SUSANNAH ?.  He was born December 02, 1797, and died Bef. 1850.
   i.    POWELL HENDERSON8 SIMMONS, b. December 20, 1824, Stokes Co. NC.
   ii.    JOHN EDWIN SIMMONS, b. October 11, 1825, Stokes Co. NC; d. Abt. 1905, Patrick Co. VA; m. MARTHA JANE DURHAM, 1849.
   iii.    SARAH COLEMAN SIMMONS, b. October 27, 1828; m. ALFRED M. DURHAM, January 15, 1850, Stokes Co. NC; b. 1823, Stokes Co. NC; d. Aft. 1898, VA.


The Bible notes of Edwin Hickman shows the first child of this marriage to be Terrissa
Clementine  Durham born Jan 11 or 17, 1851.

   iv.    MARTHA ANN SIMMONS, b. September 22, 1830.
   v.    WILLIAM ANDERSON SIMMONS, b. October 17, 1834.
   vi.    LETITIA SIMMONS, b. 1840.
   vii.    RUTH SIMMONS, b. 1842.
   viii.    CHARLOTTE SIMMONS, b. August 18, 1845, Stokes Co. NC.

25.  ELENDER CHILDS7 HICKMAN (EDWIN JR.6, EDWIN5, EDWIN4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, NATHANIEL1) was born April 02, 1804 in North Carolina, and died 1858 in Stokes County, NC.  She married ALEXANDER HAMPTON1 October 09, 1823 in Stokes County, NC, son of STEPHEN HAMPTON and ELIZABETH WALKER.  He was born September 08, 1803 in Surry Co. North Carolina, and died July 23, 1883 in Scott Co. AR.


Mary Eleanor Childs was probably the daughter of Edwin Hickman in spite of the bible reference in Alexander Hampton's bible.
A copy of the handwritten records in Edwin Hickman's bible are shown in the Journal of Surry County Genealogical Association Vol 12, Book 1, Feb. 1992 p. 9-13.  The original writing appears to be Elionor Hickman b. April 2, 1894.  Then there are two additions in different handwriting. Before Elianor appears to be Maria and between Elionor and Hickman appear a capital C.  In most of the written records it appears as Ellender Childs Hickman.  And in some cases Mary Elender Hickman.  There is definitely no "d" in the first name as originally written.  There is a definite "E" , then "a lower case L", then an "i" or "e",  then something that could be an "O" or an "A" lower case, a definite "n", a fairly clear "o" and a fairly clear "r"; therefore, it could be ?Elionor or ?Elianor. The person that transcribed it for the article typed it as ____Elinor, but where they have the "in", there is definitely a third letter.
The Maria written in later, is indecipherable.  I have seen it other places as Maria and as Mary.
In her husband's bible records as transcribed her name is shown as Mary Eleanor Childs.  Without a Hickman addition, I spent many an hour looking for her with a surname as Childs.  Good question !! why three given names, very unusual.  Maybe she adopted "Mary" or "Maria" herself.
Many references have her listed as Ellender or Elender.  I guess it doesn't matter, as long as we have the correct person.


   i.    WILLIAM MARTIN8 HAMPTON, b. March 05, 1825; d. December 31, 1825; m. UNMARRIED.
   ii.    WILLIAM WADE HAMPTON, b. 1827, NC; d. April 20, 1862, Civil War.

   iii.    MARY ANN HAMPTON, b. February 07, 1830, Danbury, NC; d. May 03, 1913, Lucas, Arkansas; m. JOSEPH WASHINGTON KELLEY, December 23, 1852, Stokes County, NC; b. September 25, 1832, Richmond, Chesterfield county  Virginia; d. Aft. 1880.

1870 Scott County, AR Census, Boon Twp, P.O. Booneville p #159shows the Kelley family as follows:
Mary Ann Kelly        40  F  W    NC
James A.                  15  m W   NC
William W.               12  m W   NC
Thomas J.                10  m W   NC

         Mary Ann was the third child, born in 1830 in Stokes County, NC on the family farm.  She married Joseph Washington Kelley, b. 1832 in Richmond, Virginia,   in 1852 and had three sons  born in Stokes County, NC, James Alexander Kelley 1855, William Wade Kelley 1857 and Thomas J. Kelley 1859.
         Her mother died in  1858 and her father remarried soon thereafter and moved to Texas and started another family.  One of her brother died at birth and the other died in 1862. When their father left, Mary Ann's brother William Wade Hampton moved in with the Kelley s. William Hampton and Joseph Kelley were in business together buying and selling real estate.  Later court records indicate that William boarded with his sister's family.
         When North Carolina seceded from the union in 1861, Joseph Kelley and William Hampton   volunteered in  the 11st NC Infantry Volunteers (later became the 21st NC Infantry), and were assigned to the same  Company F.  Company F was composed of volunteers from their neighborhood.  Joseph Kelley was later assigned  as a teamster.  His Muster Roll report indicated a continuous record to February 25, 1865 when he was transferred to Co. D, 36th Bn. VA Cav.  He evidently returned home one time for a short period.  He did not return at the end of the war and  was never heard from again.  We have found no record of death or pension.
    William Wade Hampton was killed sometime in 1861 or 1862 (that is the way it was stated in court records.)  Evidently he owed several people money, probably related to his real estate business.  After a short time the creditors foreclosed on his properties and asked the court to sell the properties and pay them.  Mary Ann Kelley was subpoenaed several times relative to the case.  William had died intestate (no will) and since he had not married, the only heir was his father.  His father was in Texas at the time and the court papers indicate that he was unavailable for service.  Advertisements were placed in the local paper in lieu of service.  Obviously Mary Ann was the only person available in Stokes County but she was not an heir and could do little to affect the outcome of the case.  Evidently some or all of the property was sold and the debts satisfied.  This whole process must have been very trying for Mary Ann, to know that her brother was dead and everybody fighting over his property and she unable to do anything.
         When Joseph left for the army in Spring 1861, they had three boys 6, 4 and 2 years old.  Mary Ann's  father and family had moved to Texas, she had one brother alive for a year.  She lived on a mountainside subsistence farm.  She lived there for 4 years. During that period she had to raise the boys, tend the livestock, do the plowing, planting, weeding, and harvesting by herself
and to take care of her brother's financial affairs.  It is difficult to imagine how she survived this period.
         Something made her decide to relocate  to Arkansas, where some of her family had located.  She sold the farm, loaded her boys, now 10, 8 and 6, into a wagon and went over the Appalachian Mtn. to the Tennessee River, engaged a riverboat, floating down to the Mississippi, got another boat, moved to the Arkansas River and went up the Arkansas River to Fort Smith, AR, then in another wagon, overland to near Booneville, AR, where she bought a new and better farm.   In total, I estimate that she must have travelled more than 2000 miles with the help of 3 small boys.  There is no record of any help from anybody else.
         The sons stayed at home until they had families of their own, then moved away.  James had a nearby farm and assisted his mother until her death in 1913, she was 83 at that time.

Land transaction:  Kelley, Mary A.; Vol. AR 1990.296 Land off. Dardanelle 10 Feb 83. Doc. #2494, Misc. Doc #9009, Homestead Original, Part # 1; S NE, Sec 28, Twp. 5 N. R 28W.  Part # 2: NWSE, Sec. 28, Twp. 5, R.28W. Part #3; SENW, sec 28, Twp 5 N, R. 28 W, 160 Acres.

Land transaction: Grantor Kelly, Mary A. to James S. Biggs Nov. 20, 1903 W.D. Rec. Book C. p 442
S1/2 NE1/4 & NW1/4 SE1/4 & SE1/4 NW1/4 Sec. 28 T%N R28W  (dates are filing dates)

See William Wade Hampton notes for Mary Ann's trials when her brother William was killed during the Civil War.

    Joseph W. Kelley was born in 1832 in Richmond, Virginia (?).  He married Mary Ann Hampton in 1852 in Stokes County NC.  Several other counties and parts of counties were split off from Stokes County.  It is now much smaller than in the 1850s.  Stokes County is located on the north NC border about mid state (east and west).   Joseph was 20 and Mary Ann 22 when they married. .   They had three sons, James Alexander 1855, William Wade 1857 and Thomas 1859.  The 1860 census of Stokes County indicated these details.  On that census he was listed as a blacksmith.  There was a young man living next door that was also listed as a blacksmith, he was probably employed by Joseph Kelley. 

    Joseph volunteered to serve in the NC 11th Regiment Volunteers on May 29, 1861 at the age of 28.  This organization became a part of the Army of the Confederate States of America on May 20, 1861 as the 21st Regiment of the NC state troops volunteers.  The records of the Adjutant General of NC give sketchy details of the military record of Joseph for the next four years.  His original company officer was Captain Pepper. His original enrollment was for 12 months but all such enlistments were
extended indefinitely by the Confederate States of America (CSA) Congress before his 12 months expired.  His military records give the following data:
    Enlisted 5/29/1861 Stokes County, NC, age 28.
    First pay was Sept. 1, 1861 at Danbury, VA 25 cents.
    May 25, 1863 Reported deserted from Gordonville.
    May 29, 1863 Returned to Duty
    June 1863 Present, Captain C.S. Hart (AGUU) Early's Div.
    August 1863  Early's Div.  Div. Q M Dept
    October 1863 Present   A.B. Breedlove and Major Snodgrass
    1864  Danberry, VA Capt. Pepper.  On detached service
    ?  Hoke's Brigade detached service with Army of Northern Virginia
    Plus some additional payrolls and muster rolls.
    His last payroll record was on August 31, 1864
    A Jan-Feb 1865 muster roll listed him on detached service.

    Joseph was listed as a  teamster, on detached service much of the time.  He was listed as missing and it is unclear whether he was captured, AWOL, or simply not there.   He must have had a furlough after the first 12 months because his family related that he came home once, went back, and was never seen again.  What happened to him after the war has remained a mystery to this day.  His wife left NC shortly after the war.  It's possible that Joseph came home to no family, and didn't know where they had gone.  Or he may have been killed in the last days of the war or on his way home.  Or he may have settled elsewhere, without returning home to NC. 

    It is difficult to know from his records what battles he participated in.  But while with Early's division he would have been at Chancellorville and rampaging up and down the Shenandoah Valley in 63 and 64.  Early was at Gettysburg in July 1863 and was assigned command of the Shenandoah Valley District on Dec. 15, 1863.  His raid got to the outskirts of Washington, D.C. in July 1864.  Early's units were involved in all the major battles of the Army of Northern Virginia including Chancellorville, Gettysburg, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor, Lynchburg, Chambersburg, PA, Antietam, Harpers Ferry, Winchester, Fisher's Hill, and Cedar Creek: but he was defeated March 2, 1865 at Waynesborough.  We can only assume that Teamster Kelley was a part of these activities, right up to the last defeat.

    With so much movement, teamsters would play a vital role.  A teamster drove 2 or  more mules pulling a wagon loaded with supplies to the front and wounded men away.  While railroads played a major role in this war, there were not many rail lines and cars.  And the rail of the north and south were spaced differently, thus making more work for the wagons.  The cavalry of both sides did a lot of circling of the enemy army, making it likely that the supply wagons suffered upon meetings with the cavalry.
   Since Kelley was a blacksmith, he may have performed those duties for his military unit.  That may account for his being listed as a teamster.  It might also explain how he lived throughout the war when his unit was desimated several times (over 50% casualties many times).     

    Robert F. Hoke, Brig. Gen's notable action was at Beaver Creek, NC and captured Plymouth, NC April 20, 1864.  He lost Ft. Fisher, NC January 15, 1865.  Although not specially mentioned in other engagements, his forces must have been involved in most of them.

    Some things can be worked out from the dates of Joseph's service. He volunteered on May 29, 1861,  Fort Sumpter was fired on April 12, 1861, and the first large engagement was mid-July 1861 (Bull Run I). Therefore, Joseph must have volunteered in the midst of patriotic fervor and influenced by the action of his native Virginia.  This is significant when it is considered that he was 28 years old, had a wife with 3 little boys, with little of the spring planting done.  Mary Ann Hampton Kelley"s  family had moved to Texas earlier, therefore Joseph  was leaving Mary Ann  and 3 small boys to make a living by themselves.  Of course, he expected to be back in a few months after beating the Yankees.

    If he did have a furlough in the spring of 1862, he returned to service when things were rough.  Battles were being fought, standing straight up, with thousands of men on both sides being killed.

    At the end of the war he was still working when the army was surrounded and supplies were crucial.  The confederate army was in tatters and men were desperate. Even after the war was over, the southern men had nothing and no way to survive to get home.  It was one rough time and men did a lot of things that no one could be proud of.   Many men became outlaws and preyed on north and south.  Many returning soldiers were killed by civilians protecting their property.  Bushwhackers became a new word in the language.  Many who were in military prisons were underfed and in no condition to walk home.  It is little wonder that men disappeared.

    The armies at that time discharged its soldier by writing out a warrant showing them to be discharged--and gave it to the soldier. Keeping nothing in the records about where or when the soldier had been discharged.  This is the reason that the records are so incomplete.  They just stopped writing.

The 1870 VA Census shows "a" Joseph W. Kelley in Augusta County, VA 388 Pastures Twp.
The 1880 VA Census shows "a" Joseph Kelley  in Marshall, Buckingham, VA FHL film 125357, N.A. T9-1357 page 491C
and 1880 VA Census shows "a" J.W. Kelley in Stonewall, Highland, VA 47 years old and with a family.  The oldest born in 1866.  He could be Joseph Washington Kelley.
    It appears that the Joseph in Augusta County in 1870 and the Joseph in Highland County in 1880 are one and the same.  The same children, wife and business.  Other records indicate that he probably was the Joseph married to Mary Ann Hampton.  (where he was born from marriage license, age, profession, etc.). 

The Confederate Army records of J. W. Kelley were transcribed from copies of the original records.
The first record dated May 29, 1861 shows J. W. Kelly Volunteer Age 28 from Stokes Co. NC in Co. F, 21 Reg't NC Troops; May 29 to Sept. 1, 1861 shows that he enlisted at Danbury, NC by R. K. Pepper for 12 months and showed the present organization to be Co. F 11 Reg't NC Infantry (volunteers) (The designation of the regiment was changed from the 11th Regiment North Carolina Infantry (volunteers) to the 21st Regiment NC Infantry (State Troops) by S.O. No. 222, A. & I.G.O. dated Nov. 14, 1861).
Company Muster Rolls showed the following for J. W. Kelley:
Sept. & Oct. by R. K. Pepper paid by Capt. Ambler Sept. 1.
Jan. & Feb 1863  Deserted from Gordonsville (He had served 19 months of his 12 month enlistment and probably went home.  The family reported only one visit during the entire war)
Mar. & Apr. 1863 Last paid by Capt. Ambler May 31, 1862. Present. Returned to duty M.., 1863
Receipt Roll; May 1863  Early's Div.  Teamster Rate of pay 25 cents (unknown for what period of time pay is for). Wit. A.M. Sheppard
Receipt Roll by Capt. C.S. Hart ??? (Early's Div) June 1863 to June 30, 1863. 25 cents with signature of J. W. Kelley (note spelling difference from the spelling of the army.)
Receipt Roll July and Aug 1863 rate of pay 25 cents.
Appears on a LIST of men, of Hoke's Brigade on detached service Aug. 4, 1863 Division Teamster.
Same as above, Aug 12, 1863, Duty Teamster. Div. Q.M. Dept.
Roll of Sept. 1863 as Teamster. listed as Pvt.
Receipt Roll Sept. 30, 1863 Early's Div. 25 cents with signature of J.W. Kelley  (The army had the spelling correct by this time)
Roll Oct. 30, 1863 Teamster
Receipt Roll for Jos. W. Kelly Oct. 31, 1863 25 cents Wit A.B. Breedlove.
Roll for Jos. J. Kelly Pvt. Co. F. 21 NC to Dec. 31, 1863 Teamster
Receipt Roll 12/31/63 Early's Div.  25 cents
Receipt Roll 3d Qr 1864 issued July 5, 1864, signature by J.W. Kelley
Company Muster Roll for Sept & Oct 1864 last paid by Maj. Snodgrass Aug 31, 1864.  Absent. On detached Service.
Company Muster Roll for Jan & Feb 1865, Last paid by Maj. Snodgras Aug 31, 1864. Absent on detached Service.
List Undated for J.W. Kelly appears on a LIST of men from Hoke's Brigade, employed on extra duty and detached service with the Army of No. VA List not dated.
So Private Kelley was on duty with the Army of Northern Virginia within weeks of the surrender of the Army on 9 April 1865.  There is no record of him after that date.  His wife believed that he had deserted her.