Transfer of Property on the Jordan River by
William A. Hickman to Orson Hyde

  This document comes from an unidentified source in the Salt Lake County Recorder's Office, and is dated 4 January 1855.  To see a map, click here:

Be it known by these presents, that I William A Hickman, the just has
and rightful claimant and owner of possession of the following described tract or parcel
of Land lying and being situated on the West side of Jordan, in the County of
Great Salt Lake, and Territory of Utah, it being the middle portion of my original
survey, called Lot No. 12.      Beginning at a Stake on the West Bank of River Jordan
in a south easterly direction from my present dwelling house distant from said
house about 120 rods - Thence due West 128 rods to a small canal
Thence onward west 83 rods to my west line.    Thence south 194 rods
to my upper South west corner.    Thence east 128 rods to a maple
stake standing some 2 rods west of said small canal.  Thence
onward east 42 rods on dividing line between my own and William
Turpin's land to river Jordan.    Thence down bearings of Jordan
to place of beginning, containing two hundred and two and 3/4
acres of land according to survey of Jesse H. Fox Esq. Nov 5th 1854.
Do for and in consideration of the sum of six hundred and fifty
dollars to me in hand paid by Orson Hyde, the receipt whereof
is hereby acknowledged, sell, release, quit claim and transfer all
my right of claim, interest and possession of and to the aforesaid
premises to the said Orson Hyde, his heirs or assigns this 4th day
of January, in the year of Our Lord, One Thousand Eight-hundred
and fifty five.
Acknowledged before me      William A Hickman
Thos. Bullock   Recorder Great Salt Lake County

--Leonard Arrington, Hope Hilton, and Golda Busk, Profiles of William Adams Hickman, p.120

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