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Ms 584
Preliminary Inventory
November 1994

A  more detailed description of the items in these boxes will be added soon.

Bx 1William A. Hickman Research18 Fds

Fd 1 Early Hickman history

Fd 2 Court documents, 1852-1856

Fd 3 Utah War, 1857

Fd 4 Beating of Gov. Dawson, Lot Huntington, and Jason Luce

Fd 5 Larceny charges against Bill Hickman, 1863

Fd 6 Army guide--pay vouchers, account by William Hickman of
his father, Archibald Gardiner record, notes on Camp Floyd
  and Camp Douglas

Fd 7 Notes from the Mormon collection, Weber State College
Special Collections

Fd 8 Printed articles about Bill Hickman, pamphlet on South Pass
City and Camp Floyd

Fd 9 Clippings, chronology, Wyoming notes on Hickman

Fd 10Notebook, Minerva Wade Hickman

Fd 11Publication information regarding Hickman's book,
"Brigham's Destroying Angel"

Fd 12Murder Indictments:  William Hickman and Robert Burton, 1871

Fd 13Land deeds, Missouri and Utah

Fds 14-18  Research notes from various libraries on Hickman,
Hosea Stout and others

Bx 2William A. Hickman Research13 Fds

Fd 1 Abstracts on William Hickman and Hope Hilton

Fd 2 Biographical information:  Minerva Wade Hickman, Mary Jane
  Hickman, Luke Johnson

Fd 3 Biography of Thomas Jefferson Hickman

Fd 4 Letter from Hickman to his daughter, Katherine Butcher,
1872; Iowa Journal of History and Politics article

Fd 5 Letters to William Hickman from his father and brother, 1849

Fd 6 Correspondence with Colorado State Historical Society
regarding Judge Harding

Fd 7 Letters, 1858-1877

Fd 8 Des Moines research in Hickman

Fd 9 Court documents--Lee County Iowa

Fd 10Tax records--Sweetwater, Wyoming, 1880-1883

Fd 11Letters regarding effort to have historical monument erected
in Wyoming

Fd 12Wyoming Historical Society magazines

Fd 13Wyoming Historical Society magazines; maps of Lander,
Wyoming burial

Bx 3Writings of Hope Hilton4 Fds

Fd 1 "Edwin and Elender Webber Hickman:  Some Progenitors and
Descendants," 1978

Fd 2 "William A. 'Bill' Hickman:  Setting the Record Straight,"
by Leonard J. Arrington and Hope A. Hilton, 1979

Fd 3 "The Last Years of W.A. Hickman (1815-1883), 1981

Fd 4 "William Adams Hickman:  Mormon Mountain Man," 1984

Bx 4Manuscript:  "William Adams Hickman:  Mormon 14 Fds
  Mountain Man," by Hope A. Hilton, 1987

Fds 1-7 "William Adams Hickman:  Mormon Mountain Man," 1987,

Fds 8-14 Corresponding notebooks and notes on Fort Bridger

Bx 5Analee Skarin Research15 Fds

Fd 1 Documents:  Analee Skarin, 1899-1916

Fd 2 Analee Gorman (Skarin), 1916-1921

Fd 3 Analee Gorman (Skarin) correspondence, 1916-1921

Fd 4 Analee Avarell (Skarin), 1921-1943

Fd 5 Analee Skarin, 1943-1952

Fd 6 Analee Skarin, 1943-1952

Fd 7 Analee Skarin, 1952-end

Fd 8 Analee Skarin, 1952-end

Fd 9 Analee Skarin, 1952-end

Fd 10Research notes on Analee Skarin

Fd 11Newsclippings

Fd 12Sunstone articles, April 1991, about Analee Skarin by
Samuel Taylor and Hope Hilton

Fd 13"The Confessions of a Mormon Mystic," by Virginia Bourgeous,

Fds 14-15  "Descent into Madness, or the Formation of a Religious
Cult," by Hope Hilton, 1988 and 1993

Bx 6Material about Analee Skarin22 Fds

Fd 1Ye Are Gods, 1948

Fd 2Sons of God, published under name of Christine Mercie, 1954

Fd 3Analee Skarin, "The Law upon which All Things are Predicated"
"Opinion on Plural Marriage"
"The Second Advent" (typed by Analee)

Fd 4Analee Skarin, The Pathway to Glory

Fd 5Analee Skarin, notebook

Fd 6Mark E. Petersen, "Reasons for Analee Skarin's
Mark E. Petersen, "The Skarin Books--Doctrinal Comparisons"

Fd 7Analee Skarin, information about

Fd 8Analee Skarin, correspondence concerning, 1972-1992

Fd 9"The Death and Burial of Analee Skarin"

Fd 10  Linda Lee Averell Moat, "Hugo Joseph Elof Avarell"

Fd 11  Analee Skarin, List of Residences, 1943-1988

Fd 12  Analee Skarin, Correspondence about Her Death

Fd 13  DeVorss Publications

Fd 14  Analee Skarin, Trip to Her Grave, October 1994

Fd 15  Analee Skarin, Record of her father's marriage to Gracie Lura

Fd 16  Analee Skarin, Stories of Her Childhood

Fd 17  Analee Skarin, Miscellaneous Documents

Fd 18  Christmas Card Published by Analee Skarin

Fd 19  Reason Skarin, Funeral, 1982

Fd 20  Analee Skarin, Genealogy Showing Death, as Filed in Family
History Library

Fd 21  Analee Skarin, Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Fd 22  Analee Skarin, "Pathway of the Gods," #1

Bx 7Material about Analee Skarin10 Fds

Fds 1-5Analee Skarin, "Pathway of the Gods," #1

Fds 6-10  Analee Skarin, "Pathway of the Gods," #2

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