The following pamphlet makes reference to an accompanying large lithograph which I have never seen.  However, the picture was  reproduced in the Salt Lake Tribune on 13 January 1963 with some added annotations, accompanying an article by Robert W. Bernick, then the Tribune's Business Editor.  Note the Winamuck smelter is shown on the left, and main Bingham Canyon angling toward the mountain peak at the right, behind the cabin by the bridge.  The cabin is about at the junction of Bingham Canyon with Carr Fork.  Our Dr. James Barton Hickman 's log home was located at the Carr Fork junction, and it may be shown in this picture.

    The Kelsey Tunnel was neither mapped nor mentioned in John M. Boutwell's classic U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper No. 38, Economic Geology of the Bingham Mining District, Utah, published in 1906.  This seems to be evidence that the Kelsey Tunnel was just a promotional venture developed by Eli B. Kelsey for the purpose of selling stock in a company that quickly lost value and probably never paid dividends.
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