These are pictures of the family of Isaac Moroni Butcher and Rachael Louise Worthen Butcher.  This picture was taken in 1953 in Salt Lake City, which was the date of their brother James Harrison Butcher's funeral.  Two others are missing:  Catherine Elizabeth Butcher who died as a child 23 Nov 1889 and Percy Brigham Butcher who died 17 Aug 1938.

  The remaining Butchers in the picture, who are now all deceased are (Left to Right):

Top:  Margaret "Marge" Butcher, Minnie Ellen Butcher;
Middle:  Rachael "Tean" Butcher, Eunice Rebecca Butcher, also Bessie Irene Butcher and Avis D. Butcher (not sure of sequence);
Bottom:  Stanley "Hank" Butcher (father of Daniel Butcher) and Leland Isaac "Lee" Butcher, my dad.
  This picture is of David Butcher, Winnie Lee Butcher and Eunice Maes.  It was taken just after the end of World War II in San Francisco, California.  David and I are the children of Leland Isaac Butcher and Eunice is the child of Marge Butcher Maes.

Photos and text by Winnie Donald.
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  This picture was taken in 1990 in front of my home in Brisbane, CA.  From left to right are:

Winnie Butcher Donald born 16 Feb 1936,
Winona Sadie Winger Butcher born 30 May 1915
   (mother of Winnie and Deborah and wife to Leland Isaac Butcher),
Deborah Ann Butcher Davis born 21 Jan 1954.

  I have two brothers, David Butcher and Mark Butcher but I'm having a hard time getting current pictures.

Winnie Lee Donald
5 September 2002