Excerpts From Wilford Woodruff's Diary

  Apostle Wilford Woodruff kept a detailed journal of nearly everything that went on in his life from the period 1833 to 1898.  He was President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 1889 to 1898.

  The following are excerpts from Elder Woodruff's diary that throw additional light on Hickman family history.  You will find mention of William Adams Hickman, the Utah War activities of him and his brother George Washington Hickman, the 1860 murder of their brother Martin Dickenson Hickman.  Intertwined with the story of the Hickmans there are frequent mentions of Lot Huntington, Samuel Monroe Butcher, Jason Luce.
  Raw history is stuff that just happened, and since Elder Woodruff was writing this in his diary, that is what you get.  You should be forewarned that it sometimes gets a little raw. 

Wilford Woodruff
Wilford Woodruff's Journal, Vol. 3, p. 350
June 1848
2d In company with O. Hyde E. T. Benson H. Miller, Scofield Daily, Hickman, & others I rode out to the Horn to see Presidents Young Kimball & the Camp of Israel. We found all had crossed the Horn. Lorenzo Snow & Zera Pulsipher captains of hundred had gone on their Journey with A hundred each. We assertained their were about 600 waggons in all crossed the horn. They made a splendid encampment & beautiful sight.
Their had been 4 burials at the Horn 2 infants one aged woman & brother Neff had a son named Charles 8 years of Age drowned in the Horn which was buried there.
I spent A little time with President Young then went through the camp & visited my acquaintance. I wrote a letter to Br John Benbow As he had gone on and I could not see  him. Distance 30 mi.

Wilford Woodruff's Journal, Vol. 4, p.360
December 1855
Dec 1st I spent the day in closing up my business preparitory to leaving on Monday morning for the south. W. Hickman & company got in from the Hombolt to day. Brought in a prisioner with them.

Wilford Woodruff's Journal, Vol. 4, p.383
January 1856
9th I attended Council of the Joint session of the Legislature In the forenoon & the Court in the afternoon on the trial of Judge Drummond On an accusation of Murder. It was first brought Before the Probate Court then Judge Drummond got out a rit of Habeus Corpus given by Judge Kenny. The Case then of the right of writ was tried before Judge Kenny yesterday. Mr Miner & Mr Kelting plead in behalf of the prisioner. They both took a strong stand against the Probate Court, against the Legislature & the Laws of Utah. Kelting made a fool of himself. It was thought by some that He was insane and knew not what he said. J. C. Little T. Williams & Wm. Hickman Plead in behalf of the State & sustained the probate Court & Utah Laws.
To day as soon as the Court opened, Judge Drummond informed the Court that He wished to withdraw the whole suit from before him. The Judge informed him that He would have to be remanded back to the probate Court. He said He knew that but He wished to withdraw the Suit without Malace. It was then withdrawn & the Court Closed.
[p.384]  Jan 9th At 7 oclok in the evening the Legislature & Citizens of Fillmore met in the school House to take into Consideration the propriety of Esstablishing a weekly or daily line of stages & Mail from the Missouri River to Sacramento. The Secretary A. W. Babbitt spoke first. He was followed by Judge Stiles Porter Rockewell Orson Pratt, Enoch Reese, John S Folman. Then Governor Young closed. They brought to light many interesting things. W. Woodruff reported all their speeches & has them in reserves. The meeting was adjourned to the Tabernacle In Great Salt Lake City Saturday 26 Jan. 1856.

Wilford Woodruff's Journal, Vol. 5, p. 62
June 1857
25th Wm. Hickman is in this City this morning he was [ch..?] away from Laramie. He came through from there in 8 days over 500 miles.
I spent most of the day on the History.
When in the Presidents office on the 23d Presidet Young asked G. A. Smith if it was not Hard to Acknowledge the hand of God in the death of Parley P Pratt by as wicked a man as McLain. Yet we will have to do it.
T B Marsh pleads for Mercy & askes if it is not to late for him to fill his mission. B Young says it is but I am willing to forgive him & that he may be baptized & Confirmed. Then let him Come here.
We read a letter from O Pratt.
BY Says if we live our religion we shall have all the world upon [us]. I will tell you the time has Come when the Elders have got to take Care of themselves for the people will publish a lie & they will shoot them if they are not Careful. The People must know there is a God in Heaven & circumstances will bring this thing to bear. I am Feble but I hope I shall yet live to preach in Jackson Co St Louis Cincinnati New York & through the Eastern States.
I had a dream. I thought I saw my family picking all kinds of Fruit & flours. I thought I went East to preach & I saw the people in the valley had doug [p.63] down the mountain or Cut it down square & brought the soil out of the mountains & made some good gardens. I went on East & I herd a Methodist Priest Pray for sinners & Men followed me & asked me if I wanted some brass. I told him no. They wanted me to steal sumthing. I told them I would not do it. It was moles to make Coin in they wanted me to steal. I saw stolen goods in great piles & stacks that the people in the Eastern Country had stolen. Some tried to raise a mob upon me but I did not fear them. Soon I saw some brethren. I saw one Apostate. He wanted to kill me but I told him that if He did not behave himself I would send him to Hell. I again saw the brethren Cut down the mountains & make good farms. I thought these were good times.
The above was presidets Youngs dream. He then said if the Lord our God does not visit the United States then I am no prophet & we shall find that all good men will come to the mountains for safety.
25 President B Young & H C Kimball G. A. Smith A Lyman & C. C. Rich came into the office at 2 oclok & set & conversed upon various things. He said that David Patten & T. B. Marsh Came to kirtland in the fall of 1837. He said as soon as they came I got Marsh to go to Joseph, But Patten would go to W Parrish. He got his mind prejudiced & when He went to see Joseph David in[sult?]ed Joseph & Joseph slaped him in the face & kicked him out of the yard.
This done David good. I Could not sleep those days. I spent many a knight all night without sleeping at all. I prayed a good deal. My mind was constantly Active those days.
Brother C C Rich gave an account of the death of David W Patten. He said as they Charge upon the mob two men remained behing the bank. Patten took after one of them & C. C Rich the other. The man that Patten was after turned around & shot him & He fell to the ground but a few steps from Brother Rich.

Wilford Woodruff's Journal, Vol. 5, p. 111
October 1857
Oct 21st Brother Atwood arived this morning with an express from Gen Wells & 2 letters from Col [p.112] Allexander who Closed his letter by saying that "He should not obey the Govornors Orders & his final disposals of the troops would depend upon Grave Consideration which I do not deem necessary to enumerate" (words without meaning).
The messenger said that the 5 Regment had stoped near Bear River in tents. The 10th Regment had moved back on hams fork 5 miles with all the teams & baggage. They were in the snow several inches deep. The Brethren travelled several miles with the army. The men were so weak & Cold they would wrap up in there coat & lie down in the snow to rest almost evry mile.
We Cannot tell what the intentions of the Officers of the Army are. Presidet Young thinks that Col Allexanders intention is to Come nearer our Camp so that his men may desert. Robert Burton said that it was 80 miles from Allexanders Command to the mouth of Echo Canyon.
Presidet Young said Here are the officers around me. I will Call a Council of War. I think it is best for Gen Wells to Call in all his forces to Echo & there rest & not ride his Horses to death unnecessary but let the Enemy alone now & they will soon use themselves up. Keep a few to watch there movements & let them work & they will all soon be used up.
Dr Hickman is with the 5th Regiment who are left & Allen & his Companies are with the 10th Regiment. Heber Kimball jr. sent Col Allexander a doz Onions & the Col said if he had any thing that Heber wanted He would send it to him. He asked Beaty why He tryed to stampede their animals and burn the grass. He said we burn the grass to get a better Crop next year.
I spent most of the fore part of the day in reading the History of the death of Joseph & Comparing John Taylors account with it.
Some 700 or 800 head of Cattle were drove in about 12 oclok accompanied by some teamsters & soldiers. They looked poor & hungry. I spent a short time with Presidet Young in the evening.

Wilford Woodruff's Journal Vol. 5, p. 121
November 1857
11th It is a cold morning. The whole mountains Hills & vallies were covered with snow. It is reported that their is 8 feet of snow on the top of the Big mountain through which our Brethren have to travel. I spent the fore part of the day in triming & covering my Grape vines to save them from the frost. The afternoon I spent in the presidet office /with/ [p.122] H. C. Kimball & G A. Smith in reading Br Kimball History.
At 7 oclok Dr Hickman arived in this city. Had been a prisioner in the Enemys Camp for a long time but they let him go. He thinks col Johnson will try to Come in. They talk of Breaking up into small companies & trying to Come in in various ways. I was in the Governors office and heard him talk a short time.

Wilford Woodruff's Journal, Vol. 5, p. 235
November 1858
12th Wilford Commenced drawing rock for the Dam on Jordon. I called at President Youngs office & was introduced to the Attorney General Mr Wilson. Gov Cummings was also Present. It was merely an introductory meeting & but little said. A report reached us that Maj Beal & his party was Cut off & his Camels runing around loose. Gov Cummings thought the Contractory for the Mail would use Camels on this Northern route for the transporting of the Mail. President Young thought they would not answer in a Cold or wet Climate. Bishop Tarlton Lewis arived from Parowan. Had an interview with President Young & presented him with some specimens of led & Copper oar from the serface. I spent the remainder of the day in the office on History.
Note Friday night I met with President Young G A Smith O. Hyde E. T Benson & Elder Wall & A. J. Stewart. President Young in speaking of the 3 men that was Cut off from the church Chesley & James Phelps and [p.236] anoth[er] He hoped they would not come back for they were a stink in any place. James Phelps will steal & Get Drunk.
William Hickman had his Horse stolen in the streets to day with Saddle & Bridle. He was offered $500 for him in the morning. The thieves are getting vary bold in this City. They are stealing horses in our streets in open day & waggons out of the yard by night.
Brother Wall related a Circumstance of an officer of the Armey who ask him if he was a Mormon. Yes. I suppose you are an out & in mormon Just as it suits you? I am a thorough mormon. I believe in all their principles. What poligamy and all? Yes. How many wives have you? I have three & Twelve Children. How do you suppose those Children will look upon you when they get Grown up? I will tell you how they will look upon me. They will point to me & say theire is my Father who has raised me fed, Clothed & Educated me and owned me through persecution oppression & scorn and I will own honor & obey him, while your Children at Fort Levensworths St Louis & all places whare you have been which you will not own nor provide for they will not own you & their mothers will point to you as they see you pass & will say there is your father but dont say a word about it for the world. Those Children will both Hate & despise you & the vary Ground upon which you tread. Capt Wolf replied scratching his head By  that is true but I never looked upon it in that light. [The ellipses are Woodruff's.]
"What would you do if the Government should give orders to put you to death if you did not put away your wives? I would take my wives & children & go to some secluded spot of Earth whare I Could enjoy my wives & Children & liberty. "What if the  Government should pounce onto you & not give you the [p.237] privilege? Then I would take my family into the mountains & I would fight you over evry hill & dale as long as I lived. Capt Woolf replyed I will not shoot at you.
Capt Woolf said Governor Young ought to be the next President for He is the smartest man in the United States. He has been playing a game of Ucre with the United States and has beat them. He had gained five points while the United States has ownly had a march & he ought to be president & I would vote for him.
The man who was a waggon master of the train which Lot Smith burned said Capt Smith & his men were Gentlemen. It was the best thing for me & your people that Could have been done. It released me & sent me back to the States or I should have suffered with the rest in the mountains And it was well for the mormons for if this train had not been burned the Armey would probably have pushed on had a fight & blood been spiled.
The Gentiles have undertaken to build a City on Provo Bench. Wall offered to take the water out for $200,000. President Young thought they would do not much in it.

Wilford Woodruff's Journal, Vol. 5, p. 338
May 1859
May 27th   I went to the office early this morning whare I was informed that James Johnson son of Luke Johnson was shot last night by one Gibson. There were 4 of them together, Jason Luce, James Johnson, Gibson & another one. Some words passed between Gibson & Johnson when Gibson drew a pistol cocked it & drew it upon Johnson when Luce took the pistol from Gibson & uncooked it & gave it back to Gibson. He then again Cocked it & few words passed & he drew his pistol & shot James Johnson. The ball entered below the Choller bone on the left side. Just escaped the Left Lung broke the upper rib went downward through the body. Dr's France & Anderson was sent For. They [p.339] Cut out the ball on the right side of the spine of the back.

Wilford Woodruff's Journal, Vol. 5, p. 377
August 1859
28th I wattered my garden from 5 till 9 oclok. I then met my Prayer Circle. Brother Sheets opened By Prayer & Brother Pugmyre was mouth. At the Close we learned sumthing of the Effects of the shooting last night which was sumthing like the following:
Wm. Hickman Had a difficulty with Charles M Drown who had sued Hickman & got Judgment against him. He Wm. Hickman & his Company was in Town During the Day. Rodney Swazey son in law of Drowns Called upon Drown During the day & told him he must settle it with Hickman or take the Consequences.
In the Evening several men Came to Mr Martins House whare Mr Drowns & Eddy the spiritualist & Arnold were stoping. Had gone to bed with there wives on the floor. The man wished to Come into the House to get a light. They would not let them in. They then went away. Then Arnold took the ownly pistol in Company & went out to his waggon. Soon the men Came back being several of them. They had on legings & spirs. They Came to the door & ordered them to open it or they would mash it open. Eddy & Drowns tried to hold the door but the men outside burst it in then Commenced shooting at random at those within. They shot Mr Drowns through the Body & Came near shooting Eddy & his wife. Mr Arnold who was outside run to the mouth of the lane & shouted murder as loud as they Could Hollow. One of the party ordered him to stop his Hollowing it was all right. Another one of the party said shoot him Dam him shoot him. They then shot at him several times & shot him through the thigh. He then returned the fire & saw a man drop.
This is the report of Mr Eddy who was an actor. Mr Drowns died at about 11 oclok. He gave his Dying [p.378] Testimony that it was his son in Law Rodney Swazy. Judge Sinclair took his Testimony. A post mortom examination was held upon his body.
I attended meeting in the Tabernacle. Orson Pratt Preached in the forenoon. H. S. Eldridge spoke in the afternoon & gave an account of his mission the situation of the Emigrating Companies. All getting along well. He was followed by H C. Kimball who gave an interesting variety discourse.
I met with the Quorum of the Twelve. There were O. Pratt W. Woodruff & G. A. Smith present. O. Pratt prayed. G. A. Smith was mouth. I then went to Bishop Hunters to attend an agricultural meeting which lasted untill 9 oclock.

Wilford Woodruff's Journal, Vol. 5, p. 379
August 1859
Aug 31 I spent the day in my field drawing & stacking wheat & Hungarian grass & mowing sun flowers.
After I Had retired to rest Dimick Huntington Called upon me & informed me that Elder Hyde wished to see me. I went & had an inteview with him. He informed me that a young man had rode 100 miles to inform him that Judge Eckless who was holding a Court at Nephi had issued a warrant for him on the fals testimony of a woman who said that he gave Council Condeming the killing of the Parrishes which O Hyde said was fals. The messenger said a possee was sent for at Camp Floyd to Come and take him & he new not what hour the posse would Come. He said his Course was marked out. <I had an interview with President Young who said let Hyde take care of himself.>
Ormus Bates informed me that Wm. Hickman told him that what he was doing was by the Council of the Authorities of the Church meaning the Crimes which was Committing such as Stealing Cattles &c. I told Bates it was Fals. Their was not a Righteous man in Israel who either Councilled him to take such a Course or sanctioned his doings. I told Presidet Young what He had said.

Wilford Woodruff's Journal, Vol. 5, p. 404
December 1859
25 Sunday and Christmas I attended meeting for the first time since I was sick at the Tabernacle. A. Lyman Preached a good moral discourse. I dismissed the meeting. I spent the afternoon & evening at home.
At about 1 oclok there was a fracus in Main Street Between Wm. Hickman & Lot Huntington. They had  some difficulty about the division of some money and agreed to meet to day at 1 oclok to settle it. And after they met the difficulty was renewed & William Hickman shot Huntington. Then Huntington returned the fire. The ball struck Hickmans watch glanced down the groin broke a peace from his thigh bone & broke the ball to peaces.
Hickman was surrounded with several friends & they all Chased Huntington and shot some 30 shots at him. They followed him to George Grants House. Huntington run into the House & the rest did not go in. Hickmans Friends gathered around him. Hickman soon grew pale and said He would not give 3 cents for his life. They took him in a slay to Butcher House. Many were excited and run to and fro. Surgeons were sent for and they thought it doubtful about Hickmans Living.
26th I spent the day in the office and the evening at home. I heard that Hickman was vary sick. We had a snow storm during the night.

Wilford Woodruff's Journal, Vol. 5, p. 416
January 1860
20 Vary Cold and Frosty. I went to the office in the morning. I there learned that Joseph Rhodes was killed by Jason Luce last evening in Butchers House whare William Hickman lay. Rhodes Came to the House and said he wanted to see Hickman. Luce said [p.417] he could not. Rhodes swore he would or die on the spot and drew two pistols one Cocked in Each hand and presented them at Luce. Luce drew his knife and sprung at Rhodes and struck him in the Right Breast & the knife went through his body. Ormas Bates sprung at the same time and Caught hold of Each pistol and turned the muzzles up. Luce Continued to thrust the knife into Rhodes and he soon fell and as he began to Fall He snaped the both pistols but the hammer struck Bates Hand and did not go off. Luce Continued to stab him untill he had Eleven gashes through his body.
I went down to see the Corps. It had been washed and laid on a Board Naked. I never saw a Body so Cut up. The poliece took the body From Hickman to the City Hall whare I saw the Body. Luce gave himself up to the Poliece.
I spent the day in the office. Luce had his trial in the evening and was acquited upon the plea of self Defense.

Wilford Woodruff's Journal, Vol. 5, p. 453
May 1860
May 1st I spent the day in the office. President Young Called into the office and spoke of Capt Gibson and of French who came in yesterday & said Capt Gibson owed him $20. He came on with him to this place. President Young said He did not believe that Capt Gibson owed him any thing. He believed Capt Gibson was an honest man & that he was honest in spirit. He is on a mission & one year will tell the tale.
[p.454] Wm. Hickman Called upon President Young al[lso?] a Johnson. They spoke of S. M. Blair spoke of the trial of Furney. Word arived From Camp Floyd That Mr Coats the sheriff of Cedar County killed a man dead in self Defence that was supposed to have been a Mr Johnson who had threatened the lives of Blair & Ferguson the Editors of the mountaineer but it turned out to be another Man.
Elders A Lyman & C. C. Rich with their Company took there leave of there Families & Friends this evening & started upon there mission. I planted my corn squashes in the evening.
I am purusing Capt Gibson Narative of his arest siezure of his vessel & his imprisionment by the Dutch at the Indian Archipelago. It is vary interesting. It shows the cruelty of the Dutch and the little attention our government pays to redress the wrongs of her Citizens or maintain the honour of her Flag abroad.

Wilford Woodruff's Journal, Vol. 5, p. 462
June 1860
4 We obtained the mail to day. I learned that Dr Hickman Brother to Wm. Hickman was shot dead through the Head at Pikes Peak. I am preparing to go North with the presidet this morning.
Presidents Young Kimball & Wells with a large company with about 30 Carriages & waggons started For Cash valley. Soon after we started it began to rain and it rained for some two hours. We drove to Farmington & spent the night. I spent the night with Ezra Clark. 16 miles.

Wilford Woodruff's Journal, Vol. 5, p. 480
August 1860
Aug 5 Sunday I met with my Quorum in the morning. A. O. Smoot Prayed & L W Hardy was mouth. The subjet was spoken off about Jason Luce & Lot Huntington & their party overpowering the Poliece & Jeter Clintons Court one day during the past week. The Mayor will take the matter up to morrow.
President Young Preached in the forenoon a powerful discourse. He spoke vary plain with regard to the Gentiles. He followed Brother Bywater & H. C. Kimball all of which spoke much to the Edifycation of the people.
I attended the meeting in the afternoon & herd President Young deliver one of the most Edifying discourses I ever herd in my life. His subject was "what are the pleasures of life." He spoke of Eating & drinking as being two of the greatest pleasurs of the worlding but that pleasure ownly lasts while he is swallowing. He nomanated the various pleasures and a person would soon be saciated in any of them but if a man Enjoyed the spirit & power of God, the Holy Ghost and the gift of Eternal Life it was like a living well of water within him. He was Happy all the time.
I went home with President Young & took supper with him. I also had a social Conversation with D. H. Wells. The Twelve did not meet in the Prayer Circle as there were none of the Quorum in the City Except Erastus Snow & myself & Brother Snow did not [p.481] Come. In Conversation with President Young He said in speaking of the Twelve their business was to preach the gospel and they ought to be abroad preaching.

Wilford Woodruff's Journal, Vol. 5, p. 595
September 1860
24 I went to my Farm to visit my sugar Cane & to prepare my Cooks portable Evaparator for making molasses & sugar. I spoke to Dr Dunyon Concerning Wm. Hickman who had accidentally shot himself. The Ball went through his body near the liver. He Could not tel whether he would die or not. I spent the afternoon at the office.

Wilford Woodruff's Journal, Vol. 6, p.139
December 1863
Dec 7th 1863 I spent the fore part of the day in the office writing. Jason Luce killed a man in the street by the name of Samuel Burton from Origon. He cut his throat with a Bowe knife. He was immediately arested & imprisioned.
During the Evening G A Smith arived home bringing the Bodies of two dead men viz Ira Jones Willis & his son Cornelius John Willis. Both were turned over together on a load of wood in the Creek near Lehi. The waggon turned bottom side upwards & the men were rolled up in their blankets face downwards in the Creek with the wood on top of them. This was on Saturday night. Quite dark. The oxen Came unhitched & went h[ome. Were?] found at the door in the morning. The bodies were found sunday Morning.
Brother Willis was in the first Company of Saints that gathered at Jackson County. Helped build the [p.140] first building in Jackson County that the Saints put up. He was in the Mormon Battalion & helped find the first gold in Calafornia. He was whiped by Moses Wilson with Hickory gads & Carried the scars to the grave. He has been true & faithful unto death & will have a Crown of life.
8 The bodies of Brother Ira Willis & son were brought into the Historian office & Exibited to the Jackson County Saints & all others who Called in & were buried about 12 oclok Noon.
Jason Luce was Examined before Orrelius Miner Esqr & was Committed to be tried before the probate Court next Monday.
9 I spent the day mostly at home. I drained some sorgum sugar which I made through Canvass bags.
10 I spent the fore noon Choreing & the afternoon writing.
11  I wrote a Letter to my son Wilford at Liverpool & sent him £6 draft on the Liverpool office. I sent him two sheets one on Temporal & the other on spiritual things.
12 I spent most of the day in the Endowment House. We gave Endowments to 39 persons. W. Woodruff sealed 29 Couple.
13 I met with my Quorum in the morning. W Woodruff prayed. E Hunter was Mouth. I attended meeting at the Tabernacle. Wm C Stanes spoke in the morning O Pratt in the afternoon. I met with the Twelve in the evening for prayer. O Pratt Prayed. G A. Smith was Mouth. I preached in the Evening at the 13 ward followed by Joseph Smith. He spoke vary well.
14 The Utah Legislature met & organized to day. I attended.
Dec 15 1863 I spent the day in the Legislature [p.141] to day we met in Joint Session and Received the Acting Govornors Message which was vary good Considering a Gentile Govornor.
16 I met with the Council at one oclok & spent the Afternoon in the Legislature & in the Evening I Attended the Musical Consort of O Calder at the Theater. There was 200 girls all dressed in white & 60 young men in dress coats white vests. It was one of the [most] beautiful sights I ever saw. They sung vary well.
17 I spent the fore part of the day in the office the afternoon in the Legislature.
18 I spent the day in the Legislative Council.
19 I preached the funeral sermon of Father Atwood at 10 oclok in the assembly rooms, then went to the Endowment House & sealed 21 Couple. We gave Endowments to 31 persons. I Attended the trial of Jason Luce.
20 Sunday I met with my Quorum in the morning & attended meeting in the Tabernacle. Lorenzo Snow spoke in the forenoon & I spoke in the Afternoon. Presidet Young was present. I met with the Quorum of the Twelve for Prayer in the Evening. There were present O Pratt, J Taylor, W Woodruff L. Snow, & Erastus Snow.
21 I spent the afternoon in the Legislative Council.
22d I spent the fore part of the day in writing my report to the Legislature.
In the afternoon I attended the Court & heard the Judge Elias Smith Sentence Jason Luce, who had been tried for murder & rendered Guilty of Murder, in the first degree by a Jury of 12 men. The Judge Sentenced him to be shot on Tuesday the 12 of January. He made a few remarks & tryed to Justify himself [p.142] by saying that what he done He done in self defence &c. When he was taken down into his sell he wept like a child. He told his brother that if He was Executed he must remember that Wm Hickman was the Cause & that he was now deserting him. Hickman & party are holding out the hope to him that He will be reprieved.
23d The Legislature met to day. Adjourned till Jan 4. There has been a General drive of Horses & Cattle from west of Jordon. They were drove into the public yards by hundreds. Some were killed & maimed. A large share of them find no owners. It is a Bad time of year for a public drive.
24 We had a hard snow storm. I spent most of the day in picking over Appls.  I received a letter from my son Wilford in Liverpool. He wrote to his Mother, Sister Bulah, Brother & Sister Smoot, & sister Sayers.
25 Chrismass Morning A Hard snow Storm. I spent the fore part of the day in the office the evening at home.

Wilford Woodruff's Journal, Vol. 6, p.150
January 1864
Jan 8 A Cold morning. I visited President Young and asked him if He had any Council to give R. Burton Concerning the Execution of Jason Luce Tuesday. He said no not one word. He knows what to do. It will want to be done in Private.
I visited Brother Burton. Then in company with E. F. Sheets & Wm C Stanes we rode to Farmington in a Sleigh & stoped for the night at Ezra Clarks. We attended a Party at the Court House in the Evening. Presidents Young Kimball & Wells were present. We broke up about 10 oclok. 16 miles.
9 Sunday We met at the New Meeting House built by the Saints  in the Town of Farmington for the purpose of Dedicating it unto God. Presidet Brigham Young Called the Meeting to order. We then had Singing and I was Called upon to offer the dedication Prayer. I dedicated the House from the foundation to the Top thereof nameing Every thing I Could think of in the Building & the ground upon which it stood. At the Close we had singing. Then Presidet Young spoke to the people a short time followed by Presidet Kimball.
We then had an intermission of one hour after which I spoke to the people 30 minuts followed by E T Benson 15 minutes followed by Brother Fulsome, H. S. Eldridge & President Young Closed & told the Mechanics that He had advised them for years to make their Bins & get wheat for there labor & lay it up [p.150] & they had not done & now he did not Care what they had to pay for bread.
We had a Meeting in the Evening when Elders O Hyde J. Taylor & E. Snow spoke to the people.
10 Sunday We Met at 10 oclok. Joseph W Young Joseph A Young, & Brother Ship spoke in the forenoon. In the Afternoon Wm. C Stanes /D. H. Wells/ H. C. Kimball spoke to the people & Presidet Brigham Young made the last speech & gave vary good Advise. He told us how to have peace in our families. We should never let our families see us mad. We should always be kind & mild with them & do what was right & not neglect our Prayers or to ask a Blessing at the Table, but set a good Example before our families. He said that the Sin of Omission would lead to the sin of commission. He Blessed the Assembly & we returned to G.S.L.C. 36 m.
Jan 11 1864  I Called upon Brother Burton & then I Called at the Court House and had another interview with Jason Luce who is sentenced to die tomorrow. He still feels sure that He will not die. He thinks that he has the testimony of the spirit of the Lord that He will live & not die. He said that he was innocent of many things that the people thought he was guilty off. He said that he had never killed any person or had any hand in the death of any person except Rhodes & Bunting & said that he Could not fell that he was guilty of murder in the death of Either of them. He had killed them in self defence. He said Wm. Hickman had advised him to do many things that made his flesh Crawl but he had not followed Hickmans advise in these things. He told the Jailors (which I did not Hear) that Hickman once asked him to go & knock an old man in the Head for no other purpose ownly to obtain an old mare that was not worth more than $30. And He feels that Wm. Hickman has betrayed him and done him much injury & he looks upon Hickman as a vary bad man. He said he would like to see me tomorrow. He thought to day [p.151] was the time appointed for his Execution untill I told him it was tomorrow.
I went to the Council & spent the afternoon & attended to the business of the day And in the Evening I again Called upon Jason Luce in Company with John Sharp, T. B. Stenhouse R. Burton & many others. G D. Watt being present acted as reporter in taking an account of what Jason Luce would reveal unto us in his last moments.
I Called upon Governor Reed & asked him if he would Commute Jason Luce sentence to the Penetentiary for life as Hickman had held out this promise to Luce. Soon Hickman & Wilford Luce Came in for their answer & Mr Reed told them He Could do nothing in the premises that He Considered that He would be Commiting Crime to Change the sentence of Luce unless he had better ground than any thing He had seen.
So when I arived at the prision in the Evening I told Jason Luce there was no chance for him to live & I wished him to prepare to die. He then spent more than an hour giving us an account of what He had done & what he knew. He said in the Case of Drown & Arnold that Hickman was responsible for their death. He killed them with the help of one or two others. He said Wm. A Hickman robed Carpenter's store took the goods in his waggon & carried them to Huntingtons & from Huntingtons to his house over Jordon & then told Furguson if he would kill Carpenter He would Clear him that He Should not lie in Jail one day. Furguson killed Carpenter & was Hung for it & Hickman made him believe that he would be liberated up to the last minute. Luce said that Hickman Murdered [      ] for no other purpose ownly to obtain his gold watch & money & thinks he has the watch yet.
He said that Hickman was at the head of a Band of thieves. They have stolen as high as 100 Head of Cattle at a time from Camp Floyd & gone out onto the prairie & divided them & taken them to different parts of the Territory. Lute also said that Hickman had many men around him that Had to be fed & that men under him would go onto the range & drive up a Beef & kill & Eat it & sell the Hides or make them [p.152] into Larretts or throw them away as the Case might be without any regard to whom might be the owners. Luce said that Hickman had been his ruin and the ruin of others and in all these things He had Carried his point by declairing that President Brigham Young had given him Council to do all these things (which is a Cursed lie). Luce made many other remarks which was reported by G. D. Watt.
12  At Eleven oclok I Called at the prision & was with the prisioner untill a few moments before his Execution. His Mother Brothe[rs?] wife & 5 children visited him last night also this morning. He had gotton a woman with Child who was not his wife. He requested his Brothers to take care of this woman & if they were permitted to take more than one wife to take her to wife. He had a vary hard time to part with his wife Children & Friends. He felt to Confess all of his [crimes] and ask the forgiveness of God & all men for all his Crimes. He had worn his garments up to within an hour before his death. I advised him to take it off which He did. He Converse with me untill abut 12 oclok. He asked me to pray with him that he might have strength to go to his Execution & pay the penalty of his Crimes. I prayed with him according to his request & then bid him good by as did others who were with him.
He then walked to his place of Execution. There was a large number out side the wall & some one hundred in the Court House pl[aced?] at the windows to witness the Execution. Jason Luce sat in a Chair with his feet maniceled. He addressed the people a few moments Renounced Wm. A. Hickman as his betrayer bid the People good by. Sherif Burton drew the Black Cap over his face & at a given signal 5 Balls was shot through or near his heart & his spirit left his body without a groan or hardly a movemet of his body. His Corps was taken to the gate & Exhibited to the Croud. It was then taken to his Brothers House & laid out.
13 The body of Luce was buried to day in the [p.153] burying ground. A subscription was taken up to day for his Family & some $300 was obtained $175 in money. I spent the afternoon in the Council Chamber.

Wilford Woodruff's Journal, Vol. 7, p.36
October 1871
28 Oct 1871   I met with the school of the prophets. D H Wells was present & spoke & left the school Before it Closed & went into the street & soon after the school was Closed Presidet Daniel H. Wells Hosea Stout, & Wm. Kimball were all three arested for Murder on the Testimony of Wm. Hickman. All three of the Men were as innocent as Children But Wm Hickman is trying to Clear himself by laying all of his damnable Murders upon Innocent Men & the wicked Judges and U.S. Officers in this City are trying to Murder the Innocent & to Clear the guilty.
The above 3 Brethren were Confined in Camp Douglass & it is reported that Presidet Grant is backing up these wicked Judges to persecute the leaders of this People so as to create an open war upon the L D. Saints. We held a Council at Presidet Youngs office in the Evening.
29 Sunday  * In Company with H. S. Eldridge & A Carrington I went to Camp Duglass & visited Presidet Wells H Stout & Wm. Kimball who were Prisioners under a Militatry Guard, Indited for Murder who were as innocent of the Crime as the Savior before his Crucifixion. While we were there Elder G. Q. Cannon Came in. Had just arived from Calafornia. Was in a Rail Road Mash up & a Miracle that He was not killed. Quite a Number of the Brethren were in visiting the Prisioners.
[p.37] At about one oclok we left the Brethren & returned to the City. The Prisioners seemed to Feel Cheerful & fell to trust in God But it was one of the Most wicked persecutions in the annals of time.

--Scott G. Kenney, ed., Wilford Woodruff's Journal: 1833-1898, Typescript, Signature Books, 1983.

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